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Understanding Fiverr price change

I have questions about how Fiverr creates the final pricing for a custom gig. When I offer a client a custom gig and add in the price to the amount box the offer that ends up going to the buyer is totally different. I know Fiverr takes the 20% but that shouldnt affect the starting price, right? Also with a custom gig if you click on the additional extras is the price for that automatically added in or do I have to add that additional amount to the main amount?
Here is my example (my work is in voiceover):
Buyer wants custom order. I make one up that has $130 in the amount box. Also click 2 extras that they have asked for. When I submit offer it comes up in our conversation as $180 something. Then when the buyer accepts the offer it goes back down to $130. Why does it show up like that?

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That has never happened to me! The amount I choose is the amount they pay (+20%). The extras we choose is just for description clarity. That’s really weird… maybe you should make a print screen and send it to CS…

Even if your gig is for, let’s say, $5, buyers will have to pay an extra amount as service fees, so it costs them a bit more than $5 from their end as well. That’s just how it is. But your case does seems a bit different. I don’t know if the service fee scales with the gig’s cost price, or if custom offer service prices are structured differently, but even then 130->180 is a huge margin. You should probably take it up with CS, just like miss @zerlina84 said.

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