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Understanding Fiverr's commission model


I hope I have this posted in the right forum, if I don’t, I must apologize in advance! This is my 1st forum post. I recently received an order, but noticed that in the earnings category, it showed up as only 2/3rd of the entire amount. Would someone be able to shed some light on how the Fiverr commission model works? Does the % they keep change depending on the amount quoted for an order? I’m in Canada, how does that reflect with the USD exchange rate. Please let me know.

Thank you!


Fiverr’s commission is 20% of all orders and tips, regardless of the amount. Hope that helps!

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Welcome. You will find the Terms of Service at the bottom of the main page which will answer all of your questions. Enjoy the forum! :slight_smile:


Its Fiverr policy to deduct 20% from order amount and Tip. It’s Fiverr commission for provides you this platform. :slight_smile:

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yes , you said correct

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Thank you for your replies! Definitely something I need to keep in mind when quoting in the future.

Fiverr takes 20% commision from every purchase made through

When quoting say, $100 - Fiverr wil deduct $20 from your order.

As a Canadian, you’ll withdraw your earnings to Paypal and it will automatically convert into CAD Dollars.