Understanding How Fiverr's Ratings Work


Hey sellers, i thought i could share this little information in this section just to help new sellers and those who does not understand how Fiverr’s ratings work.
It is quite simple for a seller to know what percentage his/her overall ratings should be, however, some sellers may find it a little tricky. Here’s my little explanation of Fiverr’s rating system. If you have a better means of calculating the overall ratings, do spare some time to add it below.

On Fiverr, each 5 star rating is 100 percent. If a five star rating is 100%, definitely, 1 star
rating would 20%

5 star = 100%
4 star = 80%
3 star = 60%
2 star = 40%
1 star = 20%

It is not possible for a buyer to rate you less than 1 star, so we don’t have anything
to do with 0% unless the order is automatically cancelled by the system for lateness, which may cause the seller to get a 0% rating (not very sure) for that particular order. Fortunately, i haven’t experience automatic order cancellation.

Assuming you are a new seller and the first buyer left a 5 star rating, your overall ratings
would be 100%. If you keep getting 5 star for each sale, your rating will remain 100%. Now
let’s do some simple mathematics with hypothetical figures.

Seller A.

25 Sales overall.
18 “5 star” = 1800
3 “4.5 star” = 270
2 “4 star” = 160
2 “3 star” = 120



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I think the math will be like this,
total point=2350
total rating=25
that’s mean = 4.7



Thanks for the correction. I wrongly calculated the percentage twice.


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Now we need to know how many positive reviews are needed in order to maintain good ratings (95% to 100%).

It is important for sellers to work very hard so as to keep their ratings high. However, it should not be a reason for you (sellers) to make it compulsory for each buyer to leave 5 star review all the time. In fact, it is not possible to satisfy ever buyer. So don’t expect that all of them will leave 5 star review.

If a buyer left a 4 or 3 star review, it is regarded as positive review, however, it is not encouraging because it will gradually lower your overall ratings. The bad thing is that it takes time before your ratings can go back to 100% once it is down.

There are 25 reviews in the previous example, and only 7 of them are less than 5 star. Now let’s see how many 5 star reviews are needed to raise it back to 99 or 100%

25 Sales overall.
18 “5 star” = 1800
3 “4.5 star” = 270
2 “4 star” = 160
2 “3 star” = 120



Assuming the seller now have 150 reviews, and 143 are 5 stars, the result would be:

143 “5 star” = 14,300
3 “4.5 star” = 270
2 “4 star” = 160
2 “3 star” = 120

= 14,850/150

This seller would need additional 125 “5 star” before it can get back to 99%. It means that 143 “5 star” are needed in order to raise the ratings from 94% to 99%. You can now see the reason why it is very hard to build good ratings on Fiverr. This post is not intended to encourage sellers to ask for 5 star review from buyers. They should see this as the major reason why they need to work hard and deliver quality work all the time.


When I started Fiverr only had a Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down system. Of course, that might have hurt some buyers because if a seller did a job that was 3-stars or 3.5 stars, he would probably get a thumbs up.

This system makes it harder for sellers. On the other hand, if you’re consistently delivering quality work, getting less than 5 stars should be rare, it will happen, and it will annoy you, but it won’t be the end of the world. Just remember, don’t overpromise, and you won’t have to overdeliver.


I always send over my work well before the deadline to give the buyer a chance to “review” before I deliver it.This leads to 5 star reviews, as any issues are resolved before delivery.


The idea of using Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down was great, however, it may not be of good help to buyers who needed to see the honest opinion of reviewers. As regards the “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down” rating system, there’s nothing in-between the two options, except you walk away. The present ratings is a big concern to sellers because a single negative review can make things worse.


Yes, I like delivering 24/hours ahead of schedule, although it’s not always feasible, sometimes I deliver 10-hours ahead of deadline. With that said, this doesn’t guarantee 5-stars review, I’ve gotten 1-star or 3 stars from people that got their work delivered in 1-day.


Yes, either system has flaws. So what’s the solution? Is there any?


I don’t think there is any solution to that because other giant websites, such as Ebay, and Amazon are facing the same problem. In fact, it may get stricter due to the competition issues.


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