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"Understanding" is neccessary if you want to become successful at Fiverr

Hello everyone, I have been working on Fiverr, I consider it my full-time job and will earn the level 2 badge soon. Today I would like to share some tips by using them you can have

  1. good rating
  2. good reviews
  3. high levels.

I have observed that communication gap or misunderstanding leads to harmful results. this is specially for newbies who cannot wait to get the order so they just want to have some projects as soon as possible without understanding the job requirements and specification. I would suggest them to have patience, good understanding of job and have complete grip on that task before placing the order. I hope this will help them to get what they want in a much better way.

Feel free to ask anything :slight_smile:


Tip 4) Always check for horrible, screaming typos before delivery

One neccessary part of understandind is to always check your spelling.

Having writing gigs when you can’t write English well is a sure way to look bad.


i guess that was an error.

It only serves to show how inept one is when the whole point in the first place was to offer some tips to others, with the idea of showing others how to do it right.

To have the first word all in caps and misspelled surely has to be a joke.

Hi Dakota Fanning, didn’t know you offered tips on Fiverr…

:smiley: I guess she is now living in Pakistan.

I’m disappointed. It’s been couple of weeks since I’m here, and just got two orders so far, which I successfully delivered and got a five star feed back from the client. The bottom line is the ratio of buyers is low may be. Or I am just new that’s why I am not getting enough orders.

Dakota Fanning knows you are just new and it takes some time.

thank you for important informations

Makes perfect gigs far better than custom request.
You will get a lot of problems when faced with a customer custom requests.
I guarantee 100%

Hi, don’t be disappointed surely you need to work hard.
Keep sending requests to buyers, also please try to deliver them as soon as possible, but make sure you deliver high quality work.

If you write in sentences and have a good rapport with a buyer, custom quotes are sometimes actually better. If you know someone who can help you with communication daily that could be enough.

If your writing or communication efforts still need a lot of work it is different. If you also only have someone to help occasionally, then it may be best to have them help you write a solid gig description and avoid customizing. I can’t agree with your blanket suggestion since I get most 3 digit sales from customer quotes and without problems.

I can not agree with you more. 95% of my buyer requests for a custom order. Nobody wants to spend in three digits without communication prior to order even if they are repeated clients.

So many tips on Fiverr!!!

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