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Understanding paused gigs

Hi all,

Can anyone confirm whether past sellers can contact you while a gig is paused? Am I very much hidden and “on hold.”

I need to pause for some months and it seems better than deactivating my whole account. And definitely more secure than vacay mode.

I’m aware that this will affect my rankings but it seems like the safest bet for what I need right now and the ranking really is the least of my concerns. I’ve given up caring about rankings/levels as fiverr have screwed me over so many times and I still get enough clients for what I need.

Thank you!

Hey there, I use out of office from time to time as needed. When activating “out of office” previously known as “vacation mode” you are actually asked if you want buyers to be able to contact you. So it’s optional, and you make the decision when pausing your gig. That’s it.

Thanks James! Appreciate it. I often use it too when I have a busy week etc. Am just worried as it makes you pick a date and in the past that has tripped me up when I haven’t realised that it came back on again. I was also penalised because once I had an order come through because I’d forgotten to put an expiry on it and it allowed it even tho i was “out of office” and as usual fiverr did nothing to stop me being demoted over it. So I feel that it’s too risky when I’m looking at 3mths or more offline. But I don’t know much at all about the “pausing” function.

Hi, I’ve had some gigs paused for a long time and never had one order or message come through about them.

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