Undeserved feedback


Hi, I have a problem with a buyer because you gave me a negative feedback. I sent the request of modification but if he doesn’t accept the revision what I have to do? I can’t accept this situation because I didn’t go off topic and I delivered within the time. The buyer has paid only five dollars and I could not complete the drawing because he declined my offer of the extra as we agreed. It’s not the first time a situation like this. The buyer doesn’t pay and I receive a negative feedback. What I have to do? I have to keep in my profile an undeserved feedback? :frowning: Thanks in advance


I don’t think CS can do something in this situation but you can always try!. I see you are a level 2 seller with more than 150 reviews and excellent rating so maybe this won’t affect your rating as much (I know is not the point) but I suggest you should reply to the review so other buyers can understand what happened.


Yes unfortunately CS can’t do anything :frowning: I replied to the review with a negative opinion of this buyer because he gave me a dishonest and misleading judgment. I hope other buyers understand the situation


If the buyer needed to buy the extra for you to complete the delivery properly, you should have added the option to cancel if he didn’t accept the extra. It was a red flag when he wouldn’t pay what was necessary to do the job properly.

I know that doesn’t help you now as you already have the review. It’s very unlikely that CS will remove the review, so just watch out for this next time.

The message I send my buyers is “For me to complete your order, I need to do X, and that will be an extra $y. I understand that this may be more than you budgeted for, so if you’d like to cancel, let me know and I’ll initiate the cancellation for you.”

Mutual cancellation may (no-one knows) affect your ranking but I think it’s better than not being able to deliver something you and the client are both happy with.


Thank you for your suggestions.
Unfortunately this buyer has written the negative review immediately without to ask revisions or proprose the mutual cancellation. In the gig there were 2 revisions but he doesn’t respect them.
I’m so disappointed of this situation because the buyer put one star for the communication in the rating as well…his judgment has been exaggerated and misleading. In this way anyone is free to damage the reputation of honest sellers? CS doesn’t help and according to me anyone can say and whatever he wants


same here i am facing exact same issue he doesn’t request for revision and now i am facing the this problem. i am in such grave situation right now really depressed right now don’t know what to do with him.


If the buyer declined a gig extra, then it wasn’t agreed, and it wasn’t paid for.

The 2 gig revisions you’re offering don’t have to be used by a buyer, they’re for you to offer if you want to - you can’t make a buyer request revisions.

Please follow @capitalquality’s excellent advice, and you’ll find that communication will be easier for you and your client.


I always trash buyers who leave negative feedback. I’ve had the same situation where a buyer buys a standard $5 template video gig but requests a full custom video. Then I’ve had others (like today) where someone orders my basic writing gig (300 words) and sends me a link to a 10,000 word one page website they want rewriting.

In the past, I’ve tried sending custom offers and messages. However, from the attitude of these kind of buyers, you can usually tell that they know fine well they have ordered the bare minimum and are just trying their luck. In this case, now I don’t bother trying to compromise. I deliver what I say I will in my gig and if they don’t like that, they can just go away and leave a poor review.

I used to cancel these orders but cancellations definitely have a worse impact on sales than poor reviews. In either case, just learn to stand by your guns as if you don’t the same buyers and others will keep doing this kind of thing over and over.


When he refused your offer, you should have mutually cancelled the order.

I’m going to start doing this too because they never come back and accept the mutual cancellation so I may as well just deliver what the gig description says.


Well from experience, here’s what I notice about how it affects sales:

If I offer a mutual cancellation, orders decline and stagnate. (I don’t care if Fiverr says they shouldn’t).

If I get a bad review (even a canceled order failed to deliver blah blah) sales keep coming.

It took me a while to realize this but I since I have, I’ve never looked back.


If it’s any consolation, I as a buyer, do not pay attention to reviews like his. He needed to state some facts as to why he did not like the delivery. His review of you wasn’t professional.

Unfortunately, I know it hurts your star rating - I am sorry for that.


In order for the buyer to leave a rating you must have delivered something. What did you deliver? What instructions had the buyer given before you delivered?
But it’s funny the buyer said you delivered what you love to draw and not what was required.


yeah i did deliver his work in vector format and he did not know about vector file he messaged me 4 am in the morning when i was asleep when i woke up he left me negative review i told him that i have given you the files and now he is asking for more designs for removing the review


Then the only thing you can do is very carefully lay out what happened in your response to his review. There’s another thread at the moment talking about how many reviews people read/what they’re looking for etc. The seller response to a poor review is more important than the poor review itself. i.e. did you handle it professionally? Did you lay out what happened, giving your view in a fair way?


That’s against the Terms of Service. Make screenshots and contact Customer Support.


yeah i am going to contact them again hopefully this time my issue will resolve


i have opened a dispute on his review my question is what will happen if he doesn’t accept or decline my dispute within 5 days then what ?


Then the review stays, and you can’t open the dispute again.


I think it all depends on the quantity of cancelled/negative orders…


Yes, the buyer has written a ridiculous review because he doesn’t explain nothing.
I had to defend myself and my reputation.