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Uneducated Buyers

After my first unusual experience on Fiverr, I got another client who was an old lady trying to get into e-commerce. after asking me to integrate her store with Facebook and Instagram she started offering me long-term opportunities which I obviously declined and told her that all business has to be done through Fiverr’s ToS and Policies, after some inquiry she ordered my gig for $150 which is the highest plan on my gig at the moment. after integrating everything facebook denied approval because some products she’d chosen were considered in the medical line, I re-sent the application for approval but it’s gonna take some time. now she’s getting angry and saying that I didn’t do her work and haven’t even integrated the store yet, also fixed some SEO Metatags for her, which she also denies. I’m honestly confused is there a way to avoid buyers like this?

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That sounds like a tough situation to be in. While we can do our best to educate our Buyers, some will likely be on the more resistant side of the spectrum. Best way to avoid such buyers is to ensure you have everything ironed out before money is put down. I guess it’s a tall order for you to know every little type of product Facebook might reject but keeping yourself abreast with their developments and double-checking what your buyer is attempting to sell will go a long way in making everything clear before the order is placed.

I’d say also add a disclaimer on your gig that you’re not responsible for rejections of products by Facebook. That is beyond your control. In fact, I feel this is something your Buyers would probably have to do their homework on first and maybe have them tick a box during the order that states they know for a fact their products are permissible on the platform.

To make a long story short, sell services that are within your control and are provable.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Being an “old lady” myself… I had to laugh at this. What is wrong with “old ladies”?


Anyways, I think what yanni suggested is a good idea as far as you may want to keep abreast of what FB allows and doesn’t so you can put in your Gig what you will not work on, as they are not allowed. Also, adding it to your FAQ’s or Requirements was a great suggestion by him.

Well, wouldn’t this part be true though? I mean, if what she is selling got denied on your first try, then, her store is not up on FB - and may never get up on FB if your appeal is declined as well. I am not saying you are in the wrong here, but, if you look at it logically, in her mind, if her store is not live on FB, you have not done what she paid for. I know, it’s a catch-22 - you cannot put the store up until or unless FB lets you, but, I can see her frustration here.

The only way to avoid buyers like this is if you were able to discuss with them what it is they want you to do before they order. Unfortunately, Fiverr doesn’t really work like that, and in fact, encourages impulse buying by having us lay out exactly what one will get if they order this or that. I would suggest having in your Gig to contact you first, be we all know, that will probably not work. :frowning:


An “old lady” :smile_cat:


In addition to the two great posts above - you have custom offers at your disposal, make use of them. There, you can define things like, e.g., “I will provide x service for y products, but I have no control over whether those products are allowed to be advertised via Facebook, it falls into the customer’s responsibility to ensure that, and the customer agrees to pay my work in full, even in the case that they might not be able to …”

Something along those lines, which should protect you somewhat, at the least you’ have something to show to Fiverr in case the buyer tries to cancel because “they didn’t know”. You might also be able to come up with a disclaimer like that for your order requirements, which customers have to confirm when ordering your gig directly.


Did you even read the post?

The buyer has a logical right to be frustrated. She didn’t get what she paid for. She is old, :laughing: and probably did not do the research whether or not she could put medical stuff up on FB. Heck, FB will take down posts by scientists and the like if they disagree with another topic which I will not mention - so, FB holds the keys to the city there and chooses to block what they do not :fu: “Like”.

Of course, buyers are only concerned with their own interests. In their mind, they are paying you to do something they cannot. That is kind of how selling or offering a service works…



thats some genuine guidance right there :laughing:


I had many disrespectful buyer. But there is a curious one.

This buyer in special is very uneducated, but he always contact me INBOX before any order. I always deliver the files in the order page, after it’s done, but the buyer always contact me about 1 week later complaining he never received his files, being very aggressive and unethical.

Every time I explain I deliver the files at the order page as it should be, but then deliver by INBOX messages anyway.

I got so tired that I raised my prices a lot to work with him again, BUT he accepted my prices. So now know I will have a headache with him BUT he is paying me well, SO it compensates. In a 0-10 rating for his orders, it used to be 4, now it’s 7, so now it okay :laughing:


I had a similar situation once which was frustrating. What I ended up doing was give them instructions through annotated screenshots, showing them where the files are and how to download them. It may sound like a bit of extra work but the more “uneducated” customers will be extremely grateful for going the extra mile and tolerating their lack of tech savviness, which could yield more repeat orders :wink:


I don’t mind lack of tech savviness, I do get buyers who ask me if I’ve finished their job days after I delivered, and such, which is fine, I’ll explain. There are other things that can be confusing, too, like 2 conversation strings order page/inbox. I do mind disrespectful and aggressive buyers, though.


thats exactly what she was doing haha, some messages on the order page and others on the DM page. hella confusing!