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Unemployment Benefits

I would hope someone from Fiverr can chime in. I was laid off in March, and am receiving unemployment as a result of COVID. If we take a few gigs, does that jeopardize eligibility? Does Fiverr report our income to the IRS? This is a crucial issue during these times.



Great question! I’m a UK based seller, so I’m not qualified to answer.

But from a UK perspective, my Fiverr earnings are treated as income and I therefore have to declare such money to HMRC (I guess your equivalent of the IRS) as well as pay national insurance contributions for being a freelance worker.

Certainly here in the UK my Fiverr income would affect my entitlement to benefits. 100% it would.


As expected, quite a trade-off. Thx very much. Looking forward to seeing if I hear back directly from them.

Very sorry to hear that you`ve been laid off. I hope that the situation recovers soon and you can get back too it. Wit respect to income on Fiverr, they wont report but this does not mean it is legal (they may find out about your work through your bank statements or what not). You are obligated to report any income that you have.