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Unending revisions


I have this order right now where me and client mutually agreed on two revisions but it has been quite stressful for me because not only I have gone through and properly made those two revisions but now the client has asked for his fourth revision even though I mentioned we agreed on two .
What is this fiverr team? Am I supposed to provide these extra revisions without being able to charge something for my time ? How is the buyer able to do that and easily bypasss our agreed terms?


Why don’t you just send a custom offer with an extra revision?


No it was a custom offer with 2 revisions but the client is still somehow able to bypass that agreement and able to ask for more revisions.I don’t know how he is able to do that because it is quite clear to me that the offer mentions 2 revisions


You still can send him additional custom offer within the order for extra revisions (even if he already requested it)


Yeah I have sent him one earlier but he disregarded it completely.He even opened up disputes to which I declined.Not giving away free work to anyone,especially to such immature people.
I mean what is wrong with fiverr for heavens sake the terms mention 2 revisions so let it end on 2.Why give the buyer the right to ask for modification and then expect sellers to comply without getting properly compensated


I am writing in slightly free hand mode so disregard that. I am totally not like this on the order page


Fiverr is a platform upon which we set up our business. Fiverr expects us to enforce terms such as the number of revisions we give with a gig.

If you sent your buyer a request for an additional fee for the revisions and he declined then you either need to cancel the order or do the revisions. It is that simple. Fiverr does not have the staff or inclination to get involved with orders at this level.


Then Why do I get penalized with Negative impact on my profile for cancelling the order,please explain that as well?
This makes no sense to me that if I am a seller and me and the buyer initially agree on 2 revisions then how come the buyer be able to ask me for more revisions within that deal we made earlier? Don’t you think this is unfair to the seller that he has to offer revisions he didn’t agree to? How am I supposed to feel about that? I guess, if you are a seller yourself then you will find out when you actually go through this awkward situation


The number of revisions indicated in the Gig or in the offer is meant as number of free revisions - or if one wants to say this differently, the number of eventual revisions included in the price. A buyer may ask for more revisions but

the seller has no obligation in this sense. At some point you have to say that the order is complete as per initial requirements.