Unethical Buyer Request



Just wanted to share a buyer request that I received and gather your thoughts before I raise it to Fiverr CS.

This buyer wanted the seller to provide him with a 5 star rating on Google play store before receiving their offer.


My personal opinion is that it doesn’t make much difference whether it’s ethical or not in this case. It’s a ToS violation. I would tell the buyer that you can’t or won’t do it. It’s up to you whether to report it or not and I don’t really know if Support will care since it’s a buyer.


@fonthaunt, I agree with your point of view.

My decision was not to apply to this buyer request anyway. Would it impact my response rate in anyway ?


If the buyer sent you a direct message, you need to respond. You can just decline, but you do need to say something. (Technically you are supposed to be able to hit the"report" button without responding but I honestly would not trust that, I would at least type “Declined” or something.) If it was a buyer request in the list of all general buyer requests, you can just ignore it.


Thank you @fonthaunt for the clarification.

Yes, it’s a general buyer request, so am gonna ignore it. Have a great day !!