Unethical buyers


A certain buyer asked for a premium quality design from a friend who is a logo designer.
He worked his best and showed him some samples that was impressive enough. The logo was sent as a sample to the buyer for review, if the had liked it, he promised to order the gig.

Instead, the buyer used the logo sample and put it on buyer request to trace out the sample as a basic $5 gig.
This was a very unethical situation.

My friend invested time and effort and wasn’t even appreciated. I really don’t know how to handle unethical buyers, any suggestions?


Your friend shouldn’t give out free samples of his work - the buyer wasn’t a buyer - just a freebie seeker.

Nothing unethical - your friend should have a portfolio of existing logo designs which potential buyers can peruse.


looks like your friend needs to beef up his watermark as well.


DO NOT! I repeat: DO NOT!!! give free samples under any kind of circumstances. You have the portfolio and if the potential buyer likes your style then he is free to order from you. That is all. Otherwise you just waste time.


Instead, the buyer used the logo sample and put it on buyer request to trace out the sample as a basic $5 gig.

In my opinion the buyer should be reported (whether customer service think the same way I don’t know) but he’s taking and using the work of one seller without payment to that seller (it’s a bit if someone ordered a gig, then cancelled it, but still used what the seller delivered).


My friend is a starter. He is seeking orders. He saw a potential buyer in him so he did so. He got fooled big time :smiley:


Yes, I saw the default fiverr watermark on it though, but the design was a flat and minimalist one hence, copying it was very easy. The buyer saved a lot of money I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


regardless of watermark, just giving away design ideas for free, is a big no-no.

even if you are hungry for that first set of sales.


Yes, @andaluzia You’re right, but my friend has just started and he is in need of gigs.

@uk1000 Yes, he should be, just a personal opinion though,


@frank_d totally agreed


To answer your final question, there’s not a lot you can do about unethical buyers except protect yourself and your work against the possibility. Con men are usually the nicest people, that’s how they succeed.


I will just say be careful next time. Every bad experience that you face here is a vaccination that will immune you for future. So move on.