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Unethical order - what to do?

I’ve got an order for a voice-over with just a very short line. The problem is I recognize this line as something being used in other languages for spreading computer viruses. You might have had pages open demanding that you have to click and install a plugin/extension in your browser in order to close the page. This type of popups are annoying and unethical in my opinion, and I don’t want my voice in one of them!

How can I possibly solve this without the cancellation affecting me? I want to have a low cancellation rate, and was hoping there might be some other solution when I receive an unethical order that I’m not willing to do.

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I think you should report fiverr team . I hope they will help you without affecting your performance.


Yeah, I’ve contacted CS now. Hope it works out. I’m flexible but some things I just won’t be a part of.

Good, never be a part of anything illegal. You could lose your account, although it has nothing to do with you.


I put it the gig FAQ that I won’t do anything unethical (with a few examples of what I consider to be unethical), and whenever I get an order requesting that kind of work, I cancel it and remind the buyer that, as stated in the gig FAQ, I won’t do… And so on, and so on.

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I don’t hesitate to cancel the order.


But this will affect your cancellation rate, right? It might not be a big thing if you have loads of orders each day, but with 2-3 orders per week it does… That is why I hoped CS could solve this, but if they can’t I will cancel the order anyway. And thanks for the tip, I will put up something like that in my FAQ.

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It affects my cancellation rate, yes, and I don’t have many orders right now. Still, if it’s unethical, I’m not doing it. Possibly hurting people isn’t worth it.


Are you serious? You are worried about your cancellation rate. If you were found to have done something illegal or unthical you could lose your account. Going by your statement, this appears to be serious. Report to customer support - if you already have, you have done the right thing. Never agree to be a part of anything like that.


No, no, no. I am not more worried about my cancellation rate than I am of doing unethical work. The reason I brought it up is because I hoped that Customer Service might have a way to help without hurting me for doing the right thing. Under no circumstance would I have done this job! I only wanted to know about other sellers experience in this and if CS would be helpful.

It is reported, and CS said I would have to try a mutual cancellation first. If the buyer refused, they would help.


Well that is upsetting, sorry you are dealing with this.

I can say I have less shinny gold twinkles than you and not too long ago I had to CXL an order as the client was abusing the revision button. I went from one page to the next in rank if that helps on the main VO search, when searched for under Female Adult.

In the Australian search I still come up on first page. I just decided yeah it sucks, but I’m not dealing with shady buyers full stop. I did report the incident but the buyer by the time fiver had responded, had agreed to mutually CXL as I refused to do more free work beyond what i already had done for the massive $5 order :money_mouth:

Peace of mind means alot, and you will get your place back, just take it on the chin and move on.