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Unethical way to work and unfair with sellers

A guy asked me to do web research related to comic interest. I give him active leads which were of 1000 Leads and that project was finalized in 5$ and after that, he asked me to do conversions from nowhere in that budget of $5 and when I said you’re mixing 2 different things he just left a bad review on my profile with 1 star![:slightly_smiling_face:] and I am new to fiver and I completed 7 orders. 6 are with five stars and 1 is with 1 star and the data I provided him with was accurate and interested people in that industry.

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You just got unlucky with buyer that is just is what it is.

Forget him and move on. I see you did not respond to his feedback. Take that opportunity to explain your side of the story so your profile has his review and your respond.


the worst part is first he liked everything i was doing and after that when i disagree when he talked about conversion. he left with review with 1 star

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To be honest i don’t understand how someone can let down you like this. i worked hard with 1000 leads in $5 and he was asking me to text all those users and convince them to become the part of his website in 5. he wasted my week by saying that all the data is useless for me just because i haven't talked to them in that 5 budget.

This is really unethical i don’t understand how they can do this to anyone.

Human is not calibrated to be honest, polite and moral. It has to work to achieve that.

And many do not even try.

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I know the feeling @alinakhan0 . I also faced many things in fiverr, but always thinking for the future. It was just a bad event.
My first order in fiverr was cancelled, then somehow mange to keep going. Then I have fulfilled all the requirements for level 1 seller, just before I cancelled another order, In total 3 cancellation in fiverr.
They just left me behind, Still waiting for level 1 seller. Hope it will come in just 5 days.
So, don’t give up. It happen. keep moving and research the buyer before taking order.

Oh, best of luck for you 1 seller. btw my gigs are ranked down :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, just be on track. Keep sending buyer request which matches with your skill. Don’t rush on taking order. First know the details and requirements. Then check buyer review from previous order. Be aware of scams.
You will have a good journey, Be patient.

Reduce 1000 to 100 in future. 1000 is far too much for $5

Then update your buyer requirements to make them agree that all extras are charged an additional fee.

Then raise your prices as soon as you can …

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You are severely underselling your services, which will also attract shitty people.

For reference, speaking from seller experience in a different context: If you want to get rid of something, e.g. a couch or something, you DO NOT list it for free. You will attract all kinds of rude and shady people that will try to exploit you. If you want to get rid of something, list it for a very low price and then just let them have it for free when they come and get it.

Similar applies here. By underselling your services, you will attract shady individuals that will try and exploit you, cuz you are kinda scamming yourself already.