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Unexpected major dip in sales despite 100% positive feedback

Im wondering if something strange has happened or some kind of error.

Between the summer 2019 and Christmas 2019 I worked on over 100 videos for customers, all who where happy with the finalised videos I provided (I send them in 4K and HD)

After Christmas I have had only one sale from a previous buyer, it seems really strange that I could go from making 100+ videos with 100% feedback to struggling to get a sale.

I am wondering if there is a problem with me showing up on the listings on Fiverr, also any tips on how to better promote my gigs.

Many thanks, Steve :slight_smile:

Did you take any time off? Were any of your gigs paused or did you go into out of office mode?

I had to pause a gig for around 10 days due to new office set up, however before pausing I only had like one sale in around 20 days when normal I would get a sale daily or every other day.

Is there a negative effect to pausing a gig?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Probably you wasn’t so often online, or you have changed gig info serveral times and its still not ranked.

I have generated over $1500 from it, and now it seems its obsolete :frowning:

biggest minus on your gigs are, you dont have decent audio quality. :wink:
If you want to earn, you have to get greenscreen, so u can change backgrounds and rest of it :wink:
It looks way to same and low level.
People dont want to order gigs what looks the same :wink:
Your audio sounds like you are in a big room, you need to get decent microphone. :wink:

I’ve always noticed a brief cooling-off period after returning from OOO mode, and have seen many posts about it here on the forum over the years as well. Usually lasts 2-5 days or so.