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Unexpected Message - > All your Gigs are currently paused until you answer a mandatory tax question

Hi, Hope you are all having a great week!
I have got this message today and still appeared on my Fiverr Profile. I have already response to as NO at W-9 US Verification Requirement page … But why this message appearing on my profile… Also i am not facing any difficulties on my gigs.

Looking for experts recommendations.
Thanks !


Can you post about it here?

It’s a bug that many sellers are experiencing; if enough people report the bug in the same topic, staff might see it and do something about it.


Sure ! Thanks for your response !

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I also noticed That Bug.
Hope it’ll fix soon :slight_smile:

Just got that bug and my gig doesn’t appear in search results now…

I am also facing the same issue.

Same problem…i hope it gets fixed

I am Facing also Same problem :upside_down_face:

Same at here…hope will be fix soon :slight_smile:

Just got it as well.

@all … So you guy’s are facing any difficulties with you gig?

Hi Emon,
This message is only for the verification purpose. It will not at all affect your gigs and all other proceedings. As soon as you give them the required information, they will lift this message up , from your profile.

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I have already verified required information’s 2 weeks ago

Same problem. I contacted Fiverr Customer Support and I am waiting.

Same issue here. What is going on?

Same here. Can’t make it go away or re-activate my gigs. I entered the necessary information.

I have the same issue. I have reported it, and am awaiting response. Ugh!

Has anyone found a solution? This is happening to me, can not activate or make new gigs…

if any warning / message appear on your profile just skip/ignore it… it will not affect your profile / gig / orders or anything … but if you are from US , you must fill up and submit the form… else no panic all

I’m also having this problem. I does affect my gigs, because I can’t un-pause them. I already filled out the form yet the site is still telling me this and keeping my gigs paused.