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Unexpected messages from Sellers

I have posted a job so that I can choose a seller among many sellers. I thought it would be easy for me and no one will disturb me. But a seller somehow has managed my id and delivering me unexpected messages. Is it happens to every buyer who posts a job or only me? Is it really a matter of disturbing to all? Should I take any step against him?


Yes. You should report him (use flag icon) and then block him.
But be careful if you are seller too. I blocked some and then I get notification I have message but it is not in my inbox or anywhere. And I find it in the block people messages.

I posted request couple of times and yes, instead of putting offer they skip that and send me private message.


Like @marinapomorac said, you should report him. And it’s not only you.

When using the desktop app, sellers are able to see the name of the buyer after they have sent an offer (I suppose to make it easier to look back if that buyer messages you about the project).

On mobile, the names of buyers are already displayed before you send offers. So, it’s not hard for sellers to figure out who you are, but they’re still not allowed to directly message you like that.

Is Fiverr probably going to fix that any time soon? Who knows.


:+1: Thank you sir for help

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@marinapomorac Thanks a lot. I am also a seller. Thank you for your suggestion.

Honestly, I realized, that posting a request as a buyer is not the best idea - the last time when I needed a freelancer to do some work and posted a request, I’ve got more than 100 offers and like 95 of them didn’t even read the description! :rage:
And I’ve got a few private messages as well, which is not okay… And one of them - he sent me about 10 messages (I blocked him).
If you need a freelancer, the best way is to find someone manually. Unfortunately, this algorithm of posting requests and sending offers became crazy.


@olyasr FIVERR should take some steps against this problem.

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I agree. As a seller it is hard when you do not have orders but to be 96 in line that gives proper offer after taking time to read request and check the links and attachments… not working. I wish we could sort BR section in some way, most importantly I wish if I could set that after BR gets more than 20 offers it doesn’t show me them any more.


Yes! This function needs some changes, needs more control, because otherwise it’s useless - for both sides, buyer and seller.

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@maddisont Buyer Request is a great path for the new sellers to get their job. But because of this problem, I think no one will post a job in future. As a new seller, I may also be affected because of this problem.
Fiverr should take steps.

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Apparently :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

There’s always going to be people who use Buyer Requests, but you have to be mindful about the offers you respond to. You’re either going to find the buyers/cheapskates/scammers who want, for example, a 30,000-word e-book written for $5, or new buyers who have no idea how the platform works and are willing to pay full price.

As long as your responses are thoughtful and unique to each buyer, you have a better chance of getting selected. I’ve had numerous buyers accept my offer simply because I was the only one who actually mentioned key details from their requests.

Personally, I feel that the buyer’s name should remain hidden until the buyer either messages the seller or accepts the offer.

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I appreciate you… @maddisont