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Unexplained Order Cancellation


I was wondering if anyone has ever had their order cancelled for no reason.
The email from Fiverr should say why it was cancelled, right?

I can’t send a message to the buyer either, which leads me to think that something either happened to them or they did something to cancel the order.

I also saw my completed orders drop from 100% to 98%. Again, no explanation why.
I have contacted Customer Support, now waiting for a reply to hopefully find out what happened.

What do you think? The attached image is of the cancellation email received from Fiverr (the buyer’s username on the image was removed).


As a buyer, I recently cancelled an order, after not hearing from the seller for several months. The cancellation went through immediately, with no commentary. I have no idea what notification Fiverr sent to the seller. (I sent a note explaining the cancellation to the seller, but I was not prompted to do so.)

I don’t know if that’s what usually happens, or if it just goes through immediately for very late orders.

Please note: I’m not suggesting that you were late or uncommunicative.

However, if such immediate cancellation is the norm, some cancellations might be a case of an accidental click. (The cancellation button is close to several other things the buyer might have reason to click on.)

All that said, in your specific case, it sounds like your buyer pulled the money and ran, or had some kind of problem with his/her credit card. Don’t we get our accounts cancelled if we try to get the money back after a cancellation? If so that might explain why you can’t send a message to the “buyer”.

Hi catsquirrel,

In this case the order wasn’t late, we had just started. The account seems to have been deleted, but I can’t be sure until Fiverr Customer Support gets back to me.
I also hope they’ll change my stats back to how they were before this happened.

CS is often swamped with requests, so it can take some time for them to get back to you. I hope they are able to correct your stats. Good luck!

The message from CS sounds like a PayPal issue to me.