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Unfair Accusation


I have received a notification informing me that my account is flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.

I want to know why I am receiving this accusation, since I have never carried out such incorrect activity.

I have had a bad experience with a client, who requests reviews after the order is completed and when I explain to him about better options to achieve the required work, he started to insult me. I have all the information available and you can review the histories in the order and chat with said client.

Now, Fiverr cancelled the order and refunded the money of an order and a work done, delivered and approved.

No answer from the “support team” yet. Is there a way to solve this and clarify the situation? Apart from the problem with the client, how can I be accused of using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery, if the deliveries are seen in the order history.


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i would remove this info from your post promto if i were you, since it is against TOS to supply user names or anything that can link to an account

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Thank you, I just edited the post.

in this case you need to give your client value and make revision even it is delivered
you need to be with client,s business

I never refused to do the revisions, I only recommended another option for the task he was requesting.
The job he wanted was to cut an audio file and add a musical note, according to a voice note that he sent me.
I explained to him that doing this was not the most optimal way and my recommendation was to create an original track based on his reference audio to add that note that he wanted, I was going to do this as a revision, without problem.
Apparently he did not like or did not understand my idea and began to demand a refund and to insult me (another thing that I do not understand, now in fiverr can we insult us without limitations?).

hia, has your account been disabled, or am i doing something wrong? also, do you offer unlimited revisions, on the gig and tire that this buyer ordered?

it says user no longer available for me

No, my account was not disabled, I just received a notification saying “Your account was flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.”

And no, I had not offered unlimited revisions, which is more “flour for the sack”, because I kept offering revisions and trying to achieve the desired result after the order was completed.

The user no longer available you see is for my account or the other guy?

yours. when i use this url it goes nowhere, basically

It shows
The user account you are looking for is no longer available.
@jbazz share your fiverr profile link.

Oh, my account is jbazz_

Here you are providing unlimited revisions.

Regarding the initial post, provide the screenshots and other possible proves of complete delivery and guide them what happened. They will understand. Talk peacefully

Sure, but it was with this gig:

Ok, I will do that. I always try to solve any problem peacefully and with respect. This is my first time posting here or contacting the support in 3 years, but it is because I do not understand how I am being accused of doing something I did not do.

Thank you.

that’s a really interesting gig by the way

but all i can suggest is contact CS, let them know exactly you’re side of the story, because with what little info i have it could be a mistake

one question i have asked and not received an answer too, is if seller offenders, say, 3 revisions, can the buyer demand any unused revisions after the order is complete, in compliance to how unlimited seems to work?

Thank you so much, it has been amazing for me, because I literally started my career here, the majority of good clients/contacts and published projects I have, came from Fiverr.

It is dissapointing.

And yes, I am open to talk with CS and share all the information they need, I have the chat, the order history, the files delivered, everything.

Regarding your question, I think that those revisions should apply when the order is active, but I personally always offer more revisions after the order is completed, because I care about my costumers.

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When you deliver your order from you to your client this time you need to take a screenshot then delivery your order i hope that you will help this tips