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Unfair Accusations from Buyer

Hi all!
I have a buyer that recently ordered from me. I completed the order (for context, which will be important later, I write short stories.) within the time limit, and I was careful to fit within the buyer’s requirements. (For example, including a train station and being three pages, as well as telling it in second person.) After I’ve submitted it, I find that the buyer requested a revision. No problem- I’ve done revisions before and I have no issue with them. However, the reason for the revision is my issue. The buyer accused me of plagiarizing the story, which I have never, and will never do. It would discredit me and destroy all of the good progress I’ve made on Fiverr. Once they had said this to me, I told them that it was unfair of them to accuse me of something that isn’t true, and they haven’t responded yet. I’m just really not sure what to do next, and I’d be really grateful if I could get some advice. Should I cancel the order and save myself the grief of dealing with this person any longer?
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this has happened with me too , but i am in a different niche (I make tattoo designs). What happened is that he accepted the order and accused me of using google images (which is totally fine in tattoo design everyone takes reference and composes it as per the client requirements.). Cutting it short , he gave me 3 star review mentioning that she only makes google images and i could do this my self i think. well if he thought and was not sure that he could make that it means that i did my job right. Photoshop is not as simple as it looks’ photoshop design even takes 8 hours of making. and that ended up my carrier on fiverr. My gig impressions dropped from 1k daily to 20 impressions a day. I cant find my gigs in the search too. I will prefer to cancel the order because we don’t know what he writes in the review. This is my perspective still do what you think is right!
Thank you!


Thank you! I appreciate your response. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you too.

Hi Amelia,

I am so sorry to hear this horrible thing happened to you. But there are easy ways to prove you did not plagiarize; you can use one of the many anti-plagiarism tools to run your story through and send screenshots of the results to the client as well as to customer support. This sounds like just one of those clients who will cause trouble but I would still think it’s beneficial to engage with the buyer in messages and prove that what they said is untrue.

Also, if they believe you plagiarized it–they should tell you where they believe you copied it from, with direct links for you to check this out.




My pleasure amelia , i just shared my story. I pray this does not happens to you! :). Still i wish you the best. You may do what you feel is the best.

Great idea. I just ran it through a plagiarism checker, and there was 0% plagiarism. Thanks for the advice!


That is great news. It would certainly be interesting to ask the buyer for a link to the place from which you’re supposed to have plagiarized the copy… No doubt they would just give you verbal abuse and not provide their “proof”.

Hopefully, this plagiarism report ought to be sufficient to convince customer support, so if the buyer does cancel, you might well get Fiverr compensation for a completed job.

Note that for the latter to happen, the buyer (not the seller) must instigate the cancellation and the job must appear complete and high quality when customer support look at it. But to me, it sounds as if you did the work and deserve the funds.

Try to stay polite and unemotional toward the buyer in messages; this helps in settling any compensation in your favor. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Hi there…,
Sorry to hear that.
We eventually got a bad buyer, sooner or later.

It depends on your own judgement.
Right now you have 5 star rate…, which is very good. If you already uncomfortable with this buyer, better to provide fact that this is 100% your work and offer an cancellation as an options.
Remember to be very professional and polite.

If you regulaly visit this forum, you can notice that there a lots of Seller complains sudden drop from their sales these past month.
So maintain 5 star rate is more important for your future incoming sales.

Wish you luck,

I write articles and do a lot of research work and I have paid ‘Grammarly’ a yearly fee to check for spelling, grammar and most importantly plagiarism.

Now what I do suggest is open an account with Grammarly, do a plagiarism test on the wording, SCREENSHOT the results and send back to the customer.

I have found this site very very useful for correcting small errors.

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