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Unfair Cancellation of my order by Fiverr Support Without Investigation

Hi, there anyone,

I write this with a heavy heart as it keeps happening over and over again and Fiverr keeps placing their buyers over sellers.

This buyer contacts me to format her manuscript. She asks for infographics formatting for over 40,000 words and my charge was high so she asked for my opinion. I suggested that we go for a lower package and more normal KDP formatting. I sent her a sample which she liked and asked us to do it. I charged her and she agreed.

When I started the project, I formatted a few pages and also sent this to be reviewed, she applauded what I had done and only said she wants me to integrate her brand colors. I asked what her brand colors were and she gave me their codes. I took this and completed a 300 pages formatting and it took me about 5 days.

Only for me to submit the final draft and the client started complaining and immediately asked for the order to be cancelled even though I basically continued what I had started in the first few pages that she applauded. She then started to ask for the infographics which were not in our agreement for the lower package.

I immediately opened a ticket with Fiverr support and they assured me that as long as I have completed the requirements of the order there wouldn’t be a problem.

I even went further and took care of all the things the client pointed out that they didn’t like; even you will be shocked if you see these. They were obviously excuses to get a free job done. But I corrected them nonetheless and resubmitted the job. I suddenly saw that Fiverr has cancelled the order based on the fact that the buyer contacted them and they didn’t even look properly into the requirements of the order and if I have fulfilled them. They also are not providing any proof that I didn’t fulfill the client’s requirement, they just canceled the order and refunded the buyer without question.

I have screenshots and files to prove that I completed the requirements of the order and Fiverr has just given that buyer a free work. They claim their terms and conditions will not allow the buyer to use the work. But can they really track the buyer to know if they will use the work or not? If the buyer decides to go with a fully formatted 300 pages book and leaves Fiverr, who will track and know if they have used it.

I have been cheated and I demand justice. I feel what Fiverr has done is an act of racism. Because I am black, they choose to satisfy their white client instead at the detriment of my own blood and sweat. These things should not be existing in this world anymore. Is there anyone here that can hear me out and help me?

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Trust me, whether you are black, white, Asian or multiracial, Fiverr will and does cancel orders per sneaky, malevolent and evil buyers who are trying to get stuff done for free. This occurs to quite a few sellers here. Just do a search of the topic in this forum, and you will see a wide spectrum of people who have suffered this type of loss.

All you can do is plead your case to Fiverr with proof that you did the work - the ongoing correspondence showing that the buyer was more than happy with your progress etc.

It is also possible that the buyer did a charge back on their PayPal or other form of payment, which leaves Fiverr no recourse but to cancel. Have you noticed if this buyer still has an account here or has it been closed? I know if a buyer does a charge back, their account will be closed.

I feel bad that you did a lot of work (5 days!) and got royally shafted here, but, it has nothing to do with the client being one race and you another. It can happen to anyone here.



An act of what?? I have never felt like fiverr is racist. Some buyers who want free work don’t tell fiverr the whole truth, this leads to fiverr thinking the buyer is on the right side. When the buyer thinks they are about to loose a case they will approach paypal and state it was a fraudulent charge or they never received what they paid for, most of the time when fiverr gets this kind of claim they simply cancel the order.


So shouldn’t Fiverr be committed to protecting their sellers? What can be done about this? Accept fate? Can’t Fiverr be called out? It’s injustice regardless of how we choose to address this.

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I advised you what to do. If you want to just continue to complain, I guess that is what the Ranting Pot is for, but, that won’t fix your issue either way.

Good luck.


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Yes, thank you. The thing is, I did that and even sent them the files in question but they still canceled. And now, they are not even offering any proof that I didn’t actually do the work.

When I first contested the cancel, they said there’s nothing they can do and closed the ticket, I opened another ticket and see their response. "Hello again Cassie, We are sorry to say that the order was reviewed and it was determined to be canceled. Future requests for the same reason will meet the same response! "

No proof whatsoever that I defaulted with the job.

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That really sucks - and I can imagine how frustrating it can be. I would not attempt to contact Customer Service again, seems they have their mind made up for whatever reason. Have you checked to see if this buyer’s account still exists? If not, it is likely they did a bank charge back and Fiverr had no choice but to cancel.


I really wish people would stop playing the race card. Fiverr is not racist, and does not target anyone specifically because of who they are, where they come from, or what color their skin is. You had a bad buyer, and they, somehow, managed to convince Fiverr to cancel the order (or, it may have been, as noted, a chargeback). Unfortunately, things like this do happen in the Fiverr freelance world, however, because it does, does not make anyone racist.

Please don’t pull out the “race card” unless someone really is – undeniably – attacking you because of your skin color or ethnicity. I can assure you, that wasn’t happening in this case. That’s just not how Fiverr operates.


You need to contact them again as @genuineguidance already suggested .

Sometimes contacting them first prevents them from cancelling the order sometimes they still cancel it.

If you have a message “buyer cancelled their order” then it was a chargeback. If you have a message “customer support cancelled your order” then it was CS who cancelled it.

Anyway you need to go back to CS and drop them another message pointing out with a screenshot that they already promised that they wouldn’t cancel your order, that your client was happy in the middle of the process and wanted you to continue working and that you provided everything as per your gig description and their initial requirements. Of course submitting all the proof. And you might have a chance fiverr paying you back, but you have to be very specific, submit all proofs and no “black card” complains to them as there was none to be honest.


If anything, I would say that Fiverr gives people from all over the world equal opportunities, regardless of race, gender, religion, skin colour or background.

That being said, obviously it really bites that you have done all that work for ‘nothing’. Or did you? I would see it as a learning opportunity. If it didn’t kill you, it will make you stronger for sure. Keep your head held high and live to fight another day! Or in this case, to build your business on Fiverr and draw inspiration from your experiences, good or bad. Most of us go through this at some point, but it’s not about what THEY did to you, it’s about how YOU handle it. It’s not racism when we are all in this together, the rules apply to all of us, the good, the bad and also the ugly.

And don’t forget, determination is what will set you apart from many other sellers.


I am shocked to hear this, I have this kind of buyers in the past. This is what I do, I screenshot the requirement and I upload the work I delivered to the buyer and contact fiverr customer support about it.

I have always win in most case because I over deliver for the buyers. Please just try and make sure you upload the original content she sent to you and the one your format to fiverr support. I am sure you will have a positive outcome.