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⏵⏵⏵Unfair Decrease of Response Rate ⏴⏴⏴



Yesterday a lead wrote me a message during the night - I could not answer it quickly. When I got up and saw there is a message left about 1 hour ago I tried to answer on it, but Fiverr says:

“(username)…can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.”


I could do nothing about it, so I left this message as it is. But today I saw that my Response Rate decreased to the 96% from 100%. What a heck? How can it be?

My question is: How can I fix the situation and return my 100% RR?

Thanks in advance



I was just demoted from level 2 seller to level 1 for this same issue. When people write me in the middle of the night, I do not respond until I wake up. I think Fiverr should take in consideration time zones and that this is not a 24 hour a day job. Since being back to a level 1, I have responded to every client within the hour and I’m still at 83%. I have contacted support 3 times over this and they give me a blanket statement. Not really helpful. Sorry you’re going through this as well. I hope they look into this new evaluation process.


Hi @arthurborsuk

Please contact CS and tell them about it, they can fix your response rate. I had a similar problem but with an unexisting message to reply to (my RR dropped to 75%) and they did fix it.