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Unfair demotion by the Fiverr Cs

Hello guys,
I recieved an order from a buyer to make create a logo design which was a basic gig for one concept.
And i was provided with two different sketches and the buyer didn’t not specify which one he wanted. I selected one which i thought looked better and sent him a sample for review. Then the buyer requested a revision asking me to make the second design he provide. I was being polite and agreed to make a second design and sent it back again for review.

Then the buyer said that the design looked cool and asked gave me some instructions to make the some modifications, which the buyer had written incorrectly. I carried out his instructions and resent the design for review. And the buyer just posted a negative rating, saying my communication was off.

I quickly messaged him back, and asked him where i went wrong. He responed with a different message, Which was not what he asked for. I told him that i will fix that and told him to change the review. And explained that i have made the changes according to his instructions and was willing to do further changes if needed. He said he will change the feedback to once i make the changes, which i did and he was happy with the final design, said he will contact the CS and get it changed.
I also made a request to the support explaining what happened but they just demoted me and didn’t even remove the feedback even after the buyer sent a personal request on his end to change the feedback. But the Cs has rejected it and stated they cant do anything about it. (

The buyer made mistake and sent me the wrong instructions and he just posted a negitive review without reading what he sent. He was just being careless and took it off of me. I have made a image explaining the process ( )
but fiverrr support they dont seem to look at the order or the attachment, they just tell me i have violated the terms. I only asked for a modification in the review because it was rated unreasonable and even the buyer admitts that his instructionns were incorrect. Its not like we can read the buyer mind.

Its really frustrating how the CS treat the sellers, without looking into the cause of the problem and sticking strickly to the guidelines, If the buyer was more careful when requesting the changes this wouldnt have happened.

After all, the buyer got what he wanted and was happy with the final design while i was demoted and left with a negative feedback.
I have posted the links of the images, I hope this community will have a better judgement, Looking forward to hear your feedback.
Thank you


We are not allowed to solicit buyers for a 5 star review. That might have been the reason for your demotion.



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I didn’t sepcifically ask for a 5 star review, I just asked for a postive one, But the problem here was that buyer provided instruction to make a different design but he had something else on his mind, His revision request message was very vague and he was talking about a notch, instead of a knob, Did you go through the image links i have attached with the post? I didn’t have to request a modifcation in the review, if the buyer was didn’t make a mistake in the requirements. He said one thing, but was expecting something different. He even admitted the mistake he made. So is this fair??

If buyer was agree without any revision then you can ask buyer to change the review but you offer him/her revision for positive feedback when order is completed


Did you even read the thread properly?
The revisions were made in the first place. Its just that the buyer didn’t know how to describe what he wanted properly. Instead he gave some vague instructions and even used unrelevant words such as notch, when actually what he meant was a knot. Please look into the images in the links before replying :slight_smile:

I really think you’re worrying about something and nothing, although it feels huge to you at the minute.

That still isn’t allowed - you’ve got over 1700 of them - why risk your level, account etc. asking for another positive review.

Three and a half stars isn’t a negative review - it’s possibly a disappointing one, but it doesn’t show on your profile as a negative - hooray! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ve used the terms notch, knob and knot to describe what the buyer seemingly wanted - if it wasn’t clear, maybe there was some way to ask them what they wanted - even a small sketch perhaps?

It doesn’t matter what any of us say - we’re not Fiverr Customer Services, and you haven’t really listened to anything anybody else has said to you so hey - good luck! :sunny:


You know you have a one time option for each order to disagree with the review and ask for changes. Use the resolution center button.

There was no need to involve CS. Hard lesson learned. Sorry, man.


Yes I did

You told this when order is completed
Not sure but I think that was the reason why fiverr demoted you
I know buyer didn’t know how to describe what he wanted properly but nothing to do it’s against ToS
few days ago I got 1 star only because buyer don’t understand how to unzip file

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