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Unfair demotion warning

Hey all!

Yesterday i received an order from a weird customer, he didn’t contact me before, he just came, ordered and submitted requirements, then i checked the order’s requirements and started working on it based on the requirements he submitted. After a couple of hours i delivered the work and after a few seconds, the buyer horrified me with 1.4 stars review and a very bad review, they i sent him a message asking him why did you do that, and that’s not a good behavior, and at least you should have asked for a revision. Then i decided to refund him because he was unsatisfied and he didn’t even explain what’s wrong with the work i delivered. Then i went to fiverr support asking them to cancel the order and refund so the negative review can be removed because it wasn’t my mistake at all. Then the support told me that we are sorry for what happened but even if we canceled and refunded, the bad review will keep appearing! And after that immediately, i received a demotion warning from fiverr:

//Your account was flagged for feedback manipulation. Honest and unsolicited feedback is what makes our marketplace trustworthy.

Asking another user to edit or remove feedback, or specifically asking for positive feedback, is not allowed and is a violation of our Terms of Service.

This is your first reminder. Another violation of Fiverr’s TOS will result in a demotion of your current level.//

The weird thing is i have never asked the buyer to remove, edit or leave a positive feedback? I just told him i am going to refund you. So why did i receive that? Maybe the buyer flagged me? What did I do wrong?

Honestly this is frustrating, and getting me nervous :worried: i really hate that, i feel that fiverr is not protecting the sellers at all, they only take care of buyers. With that being said my profile is clean, i have a good reputation here. i have more than 500 positive review, i have never cheated or disrespected someone so why fiverr sending me that and refusing to remove the bad review for no reason?



Anything about reviews is a tabu subject on Fiverr , avoid discussing about reviews in general


From Fiverr’s Terms of Service: “Sellers may not solicit the removal of feedback reviews from their Buyers through mutual cancellations.”

Asking CS to refund the buyer and remove the feedback you don’t agree with is pretty similar to that.


To be honest in the past like 2 or 3 years ago fiverr environment was so good to work but now it is changing for the sake of the buyer, i don’t feel i am safe, the first thing i do after i open my eyes is to check my fiverr’s account if it is ok :persevere:


We haven’t seen the exact message you sent to the buyer, but offering a refund to avoid a negative review is against the TOS. I’m afraid in this case the warning was correct. :frowning:


God knows why buyers don’t get rated.

One cannot keep quality if they keep you stressed out and demotivated.


The good part is when a buyer leaves a negative review, then when you reply on him, your reply becomes hidden :smiley:

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OK, here’s a few things you need to learn.

  1. Refunds don’t remove bad reviews.
  2. Buyers don’t have to ask for revision or even permission to order. You can write something like this in your delivery message.

“If you’re not happy with my work, you can request a revision.”

That’s not feedback manipulation.

  1. You can deliver an order BEFORE delivering with the Deliver button. That way if the buyer replies “I hate it,” you can proceed to refund him.

I don’t do #3 because I hate waiting for a buyer to get back to me, but this is guaranteed to prevent bad reviews. The only bad thing is that this will lower your order completion rate. Fall under 90% and you’ll be demoted. On the other hand, you need a 4.8 to keep your current level or get promoted. So a seller must always ask himself what he needs now. If I’m at 4.9 rating, 90% order completion rate, I would rather get a bad review. But if I’m at 95% completion rate, 4.8 rating, I’d rather refund the order.

I went from Top Rated Seller to Level 1, now Level 2, although with my 4.7 rating, I’m gonna be a Level 1 again unless I deliver a million orders and get 5 stars on all of them. Then maybe, just maybe my 4.7 will become a 4.8.

My point is don’t take Fiverr too seriously. Getting demoted sucks, specially from TRS, but you’ll survive. Besides, you only have 9 gigs, so you won’t have to pause any gigs if you’re demoted.


Fiverr is very adament about reviews and has been like this for the past year or so. Never do this. If you are not happy with a review you need to file a Feedback Modification with the buyer, very politely, and let them know your situation.

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This entirely. I see people utilize Fiverr as a main source of income, and to be honest, it annoys me to see that. It means that people are at the mercy of whatever algorithm change or update that a single site brings to the table. Lots of people are freaking out because they have refused to build financial stability for themselves, so when Fiverr fails them somehow, they are now broke with no way of earning an income for at least a while.

Many people take reviews and levels far too seriously too. Some going as far as freaking out if you give someone a 4.5 instead of a 5. I know it can be frustrating, but if you have a diverse income, you don’t have to freak out over every tiny thing Fiverr does.

And yes, I know your stance on Diversifying your income, but for many people, they need to just suck it up, Buttercup. We live in a Capitalist world and it’s Dog-Eat-Dog. Sometimes, you have to break out of your comfort zone in order to pay the bills, even if that means potentially writing something you don’t want to.

Rant over.


I’m not against it, I just struggle with it.

Ayn Rand said, “the question is not going to let me, but who’s going to stop me.” That’s a popular job, the problem is lots of things are going to stop you- lack of experience, doing bad on the employment assessment test, a resume that’s not related to the position you want.

I don’t want to write things I don’t enjoy writing. When I had a press release gig, I had positive reviews and many of my clients liked my work. However, I was miserable, I was tired of telling lies, making up quotes, finding something newsworthy about a client that has nothing newsworthy.

I think our Fiverr experience is better when we do something we truly love doing and are good at it.


These are common scenarios, we have tried to discuss these many times, but no outcomes. No matter how stupid or rough is the client is in his market etiquettes, they are always evaluated more than the seller.

I’m afraid, you must move on and take more orders. Ask for your old buyers if they need anything done. Otherwise, that rating will keep showing on your wall

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I agree with you. I think that when we can, we need to focus on things we love doing, as that is what is going to give our clients and ourselves the best motivation. However, if you need your rent to be paid, there are far worse things you can do than write a couple of quotes for a wannabe business person.

Yes, I am 100% for doing what you love, and making do with it. But if you are struggling to make a living, some sacrifices need to be made. I would much rather do some things I otherwise dislike for a client, than have to flip burgers again at a greasy fast food place. Trust me, it’s not pretty.

Be careful where you buy your fast food, folks. I’ve seen some things.


I experienced similar things in the past, Fiverr is just keen to throw out TOS violations whenever possible at the moment. I stopped caring about this, it’s ridiculous.

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I think it would be better if there would be some rules and guidelines for the buyers to follow,


Presence on the marketplace, at least once every 2 hours
Giving proper instructions in an understandable way

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I do not know the exact numbers, but I assume it costs Fiverr around $50 to acquire one buyer. On the opposite, it does not cost anything to acquire sellers. Looks like buyers do have more worth for Fiverr, maybe because they cost more money to acquire, maybe because there are less buyers than sellers.

I’d like to compare this situation with online dating platforms where there usually are many more men than women, and therefore women get benefits (reduced / free memberships) in comparison to men.

Here on Fiverr the money a buyer paid is much more of worth than the work a seller did in terms of how customer service handles issues. Because there may be more damage done by loosing a buyer than by loosing a seller.

Just my point of view.



Fiverr began like most startups, with angel investors. According to Wikipedia, they have raised $110 million.

Consider this:

The website was launched in early 2010 and by 2012 was hosting over 1.3 million Gigs.[[9]] The website transaction volume has grown 600% since 2011. Additionally, Fiverr has been ranked among the top 100 most popular sites in the [U.S.] and top 200 in the world since the beginning of 2013.

So I don’t think it’s costing them anything to attract buyers, although I’ve seen Fiverr ads on Facebook.

If they were doing poorly, they wouldn’t have bought VeedMe and AND CO.

Here are their demographics:

“The Fiverr marketplace is dominated by young adults (only 2% of sellers are over the age of 55), the company has stated that the rate of sellers aged 55–64 grew 375% at the end of the second quarter of 2015, compared with the year before”

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Could you explain how this “acquiring the buyer” thing happens, I am pretty sure that Fiverr doesn’t send agents door to door to bring buyers on this platform?


That’s a common principle in marketing. For example if you spend $100.000 a month in getting new customers and aquire 1.000 new customers, then one new customer costs $100.

I assume that Fiverr spends A LOT of money on Google Adwords. For example search for “Logo Animation” on Google - Fiverr’s Ad ranks on place 1 and that is quite expensive:

If someone who is not yet registered with Fiverr clicks this ad, registers and buys a Logo Animation, voila - that’s one new customer acquired. If someone who is already registered with Fiverr clicks this Ad that does NOT count as aquiration

So acquiring new customers is quite expensive. I remember that Zalando once spent about $500 for one new customer.

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Your assumption is not entirely right, Fiverr is already very famous site so the search results are usually organic results, not Adwords results.

Also even when Fiverr is paying google for ads they won’t pop-up at every search of related subject, they pop-up where Fiverr’s cookies are present and then google will see this as your interest in Fiverr and will show Fiverr’s results based on them.

Also Google charge for pay per click so no matter whether visitor is already registered or not but still Fiverr will be charged for a lead to their website, and Fiverr couldn’t spent $100 or more for each visitor because that will dry up their funds too soon.