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Unfair Feedback - Customer Refunded


A customer booked me for a shoot and never sent items. The time expired and it showed I was late delivering his order even though I never received anything to photograph. He left me negative feedback and got a refund from fiverr. I have no problem with the refund because I did not work for him but I don’t understand how fiverr refuses to remove the negative comment from buyer. I had a 5 star rating and now that is gone over an issue not my fault. Anyone have a suggestion?


Did you make your user requirements required, or is possible for a buyer to skip them?

If you ask in your requirements for the buyer to send you those items and make it required for the buyer to answer those questions, the order countdown won’t start until the buyer submits the items.

As for your five-star rating being “gone,” don’t worry. You can raise it again with more orders.


I have user requirements required that product needs to be sent in first but it still starts the offer countdown for gig. It is set for buyers to answer my questions. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help.


I hope that you have the order requirements set to mandatory (which means that the customer cannot start the order without attaching the required files along with the order). If not, I’d suggest that you set it to mandatory.

I also do not open the orders page until I get an e-mail confirmation saying that the order requirements have been submitted. I’ve heard that doing so before the buyer sends the order requirements can set the order timer off, too.

Good luck! :snowflake:


Setting requirements doesn’t make them mandatory. You have to select the “Mandatory” box, which is under each question, otherwise the buyer can skip them, thus starting the countdown.