Unfair feedback- technical error on the order page


I posted here about a negative negative review i got on order because an order wasn’t properly. The buyer wrote that I scammed him, charged his money and erased the files from the order page. But the problem was with the website and the files weren’t showing up on the buyers order page so he thought i was scamming him since the order got marked complete automatically.
The CS team rejected to remove the feedback and told me to resolve the issue with the buyer. So i sent him a review modification request the buyer was not online and it got expired.

The buyer responded today and replied to my messages and told me that he rated me badly because it wasn’t the files were missing from the order page. I sent him screenshot and showed that the files are there, And he understands it was caused by the technical fault and he said hes willing to change it. And said the website is pretty bad and unreliable. So i made a followup to the fiverr CS team and showed all the screenshot. They still reject the request even after getting the approval from the buyer.

I have given them all the screenshots showing that the order was bugged and even showed the conversation with buyer which he clearly states that the files were not there on his order page. Thats why he has given the bad review.

The fiverr just disregard the fact that it was all cause due to the technical fault of the website. It was even reported before i started working on the order.


I was in a similar situation a while back. There was no bug but the client disappeared for a week or so and then came back to the order that was automatically closed. She gave me a 1 star review where she wrote I closed the order myself on purpose to avoid doing revisions.

The CS basically informed me I was responsible for the entire buyer’s experience with the site and them not understanding how the site works could be and should be reflected in the rating.

So in short, whatever happens, is your fault. Unless the buyer’s behavoir is downright malicious (threats, profanities, etc.)


I sorry to hear that. The support team is useless they dont care if its right or wrong or take responsibilty for the technical faults we expierence on the website as the representives of the website. They just respond like bots and always send the same thing that we already know.
In my situation, The order was not even showing up on my dashboard or manage sales page. The order just popped up out of no where and it was already late. The deadline was 5 days before i got the order. I took screenshot and showed it to the fiverr team. All they said was they’ll look in to the issue and follow up but i never heard back from them.
The buyer was frustrated because his order was late and was talking to me abusively calling me that i steal people money and asking if im dead. He was also calling me an “ass…hole”. The fiverr team doesn’t take any action agianst the behavior of the client either.
I had to go through all this because the fiverr site wasn’t responding properly.
I had to explain him what had happened and told him was bugged. Then only he calm down a little bit. After that i made did his work and he was very satisfied. I offered revisions but he insisted and said what i did was great and he didn’t need any more revisions and just disappeared. Then after two weeks come back looking for the files, and they haven’t been showing up on his order and thought i had erased them wrote me the negative review.


Hmmm. Calling people names would qualify as abusive behaviour. If it’s not the case for feedback removal from a person who’s hostile to you from the very beginning, I don’t know what is. I’d appeal to that (if the CS ever respond to you, that is).

I’m sorry you had to deal with this but I do applaud your patience. I’d cancel the order immideatly after the first a**hole.


Hello, you should have a dropbox account so you can send a link to the files in addition to sending them on the order page.


The buyer didn’t get the delivery message at all from what I can make out, so it was marked as delivered but they couldn’t see the delivery message, so any other links etc. wouldn’t have helped either as they wouldn’t have seen it.


I had one client who insisted that they couldn’t see any delivery. I sent it to them in a text message through their inbox and never heard from them again. I’m not sure what happened.


I’ve had a few orders pop up out of nowhere right before they are due to be delivered.
It was quite alarming but it’s been a few months since it happened.


I’m so sorry this happened to you. I know how upsetting this must be.

You have lots of excellent reviews and this one bad one will not harm your sales.
I read through all your reviews and can see, as anyone can, that you are a great seller. This buyer should not have called you names.


Thank you for the suggestion. I never thought about that using drop box, i was worried to use a 3rd party website since they might call it a violation too if something goes wrong.
The website was working properly until recently this started happening. The fiverr support must take the responsibility of that as the representatives of the fiverr. But all they do is put the blame on the sellers and send their links of articles related to feedback guidelines. But it never states anything regarding a negative reviews caused due to technical faults of the website. I had the same issue with more than 3 orders. Which i reported multiple times. They say they fixed and to check on it but it nevered worked. When i reported again all they said was they’ll look in to it. We have no control over the bugs on the website and the buyers take the frustration out of the sellers


And yes, this is my first negative review in 2 years. I have more than 1700 postive reviews and won’t hurt my sales. But its really upsetting since i have done nothing wrong. I worked really hard to keep up my rating and this happpened which i had no control over. If the negative review was about my service i would accept it. But this is not my fault. The system is unreliable