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Unfair Gig Denials and Partiality in Fiverr

Hey hi everyone! One year ago, when I created a gig that offered language proofreading (not WRITING, REWRITING or CONTENT EDITING) for academic papers, my gig was denied. I created another one after the first one got denied, and that too was denied. I got in touch with the CS team and they told me that the gig violated the TOS. Now, when I screenshot several other gigs (some were even from Fiverr Pro sellers) offering the exact same service and still continued selling on Fiverr, I was told that Fiverr is in the midst of reviewing current gigs and those gigs will also be taken down.

One year later, I still see the gigs on Fiverr, and there are NEW gigs created just a few months ago, offering the same kind of service from NEW sellers here on Fiverr. What I don’t quite understand is how my gig got denied although I did NOT violate the TOS. I was not offering to write homework but to merely edit and proofread academic journals prior to submission.

The reason why I want to work on this gig is that I am actively involved in the industry for the past four years and have worked over 150 clients. I know I can extend my service to the users of Fiverr here.

Anyone here faced similar situations before?


It does violate the ToS. Just because they haven’t deleted all the gigs that do this that doesn’t mean it isn’t a violation.

Fiverr doesn’t owe it to you to let you violate their terms and it’s pointless to complain about something you’ll never be allowed to sell. Accept it and move on.


How does proofing or editing language violate the ToS?


Because it’s for the academic papers.


You aren’t allowed to work on academic work of any kind in any capacity. Read the ToS.


Your gig DID violate Fiverr’s TOS. You cannot offer services that assist with any kind of academic work.


Thank you all for your responses!

Unethical Services

Fiverr’s marketplace is open for sellers to offer any creative and productive service they wish to propose. With that being said, we ask to refrain from offering any unethical service. For example, taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) or requesting academic work to be done for you, is unethical since it violates most schools’ Honor Codes and constitutes copyright infringement. Fiverr does not allow this type of fraudulent activities and it will not be permitted on our platform.

This is what the ToS says about taking part in someone else’s academic work. Now, if that includes and proofing and editing academic work, I just wonder why Fiverr doesn’t practice fairness, especially when there are gigs offering the exact same thing being hand-picked for the Fiverr Pro category. Doesn’t this confuse sellers or at the very least, doesn’t this seem like Fiverr is going against their own ToS by being inconsistent in their practises?

I understand that this is their website and their platform, and it is up them to deny any gigs they want, but hey, it’s called The Ranting Pot for a reason.


There are hundreds of thousands of gigs on Fiverr, with thousands more added every day. It’s a massive marketplace. It takes time to weed out all the gigs that break the rules. Just because you got in trouble for breaking rules, does not mean Fiverr is being unfair, and not doing the same to other sellers. Don’t worry about everyone else. Concern yourself with making sure YOU stay within the rules.


Still don’t see how Fiverr staffs manually handpicking a gig that violates their very own ToS is considered NOT being unfair.


Like I said: …


@vickiespencer got a very specific response from CS when asking about proofreading academic work.

Care to share, Vickie? :smiley_cat:


But the Pro category are the ones who have success managers who probably double check each of their gigs or check deliveries. They say they’re only 1% of sellers who applied (and most won’t apply) so they should easily be able to check those. I think the Pro sellers are allowed things that other sellers aren’t, which isn’t really fair.

Also it wouldn’t really take that much time to do a first check (that they then manually check the results of) of many gigs if they just have a bit of code that checks for the word “academic” or similar words (and something that excluded gigs that say they won’t do that) and does that check for all gigs that haven’t already been checked that way.


exactly my point.

I am here since 2013 and I always make it a point to get back to CS to make sure I don’t run into problems. After the first time my gig was denied, before creating a new one, I contacted CS for support. First, I was told that proofreading and editing academic work is not allowed but proofreading and editing DISSERTATIONS or THESIS is allowed, and that I create a new gig. I did exactly that and the second gig was denied. I got a warning from Fiverr as well. I contacted CS again using the same ticket and then I was told I could only offer either proofreading or editing and not both under one gig - which is why my gig got denied.

When I asked about the other Fiverr Pro sellers offering the exact same thing, I was told that Fiverr is in the midst of vetting through the gigs - which again doesn’t make sense because Fiverr Pro sellers are hand-picked. It was really frustrating to see inconsistency in terms of how the ToS really works.


…Which is exactly what I told you. There are thousands of gigs, and it takes time to weed out the gigs/services that are breaking Fiverr’s rules. Perhaps this is why all new gig changes are now reviewed – by Fiverr staff – before they are allowed. Fiverr is in the process of making sure all gigs comply with their terms of service. They have informed you of exactly this.

Just because you view things a certain way, does not make Fiverr intentionally inconsistent. Do you have direct insight into the vetting process? Do you have access to their internal database to see how many gigs are removed from Fiverr on a daily basis, and where those gigs were located? Do you have access to the work schedules of Fiverr staff to see who’s working on the vetting, and when?

It would be wise not to worry so much about what is happening to other sellers, or how efficient Fiverr is in managing their vetting process. Your gig was removed for TOS violations. That’s what happened. What’s done is done. That gig is not coming back, and you won’t be able to offer that service. It makes little sense to complain about your treatment in comparison to things you can neither control, nor access and influence.

Focus on what you can control, and leave the site/marketplace administration to Fiverr. You agreed to the fact that Fiverr can manage their site however they want. And you agreed to the fact that you are subject to whatever rules and maintenance they employ and enforce.


You are simply missing the point and you have not countered the points put forth by @uk1000 and I earlier. I did mention earlier that there is a new seller who created a new gig just 4 months ago offering the exact same thing and I also mentioned how similar gigs are hand-picked by the staffs for the Fiverr Pro category. Doesn’t this make Fiverr intentionally inconsistent?

Just because you think Fiverr is upholding a fair system doesn’t mean we can’t express our opinions here. I am not trying to get the denied gig back or offer the same service, I am merely pointing out the inconsistency.

Reply only if you have something substantial or else just don’t, because it’s a freaking ranting pot and I’m ranting for a valid reason!

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@jonbaas I think @uk1000 has pretty much explained how the system is not fair

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I don’t know, it feels more like you’re not choosing to listen to reason. I, Fiverr, and others in this forum have told you what happened, and why it happened. It is what it is.

Perhaps those alleged examples slipped through the cracks, so to speak. How and why, though, is not for you to worry about. Fiverr has stated – to you, and in the TOS, that academic services are not appropriate. They have also stated that they are in the process of vetting sellers. Take them at their word, and leave it that that. You cannot control the situation, and just because you feel it to be unfair, does not mean that it is. Those other gigs will, eventually, be removed, just as yours was.

This is inappropriate of you to demand. I am free to participate in any forum topic, just as you are free to rant about things you cannot control. I have been attempting to provide insight. Please be respectful of those you interact with. I, and anyone else, can reply openly, reasonably, and with their own opinions and advice as well. This is a public forum.


According to Fiverr terms of service, such gigs are prohibited. Also, those gigs you saw might have been removed by Fiverr and recreated by the sellers and you might be thinking it’s the exact old gig you saw. If that’s not the case, it’s only a matter of time before the gig is removed.


Hi @chifyjay007, I have gone through the ToS before (it does not mention that proofing language for academic papers is prohibited). I went ahead to create the gig after seeing similar gig being offered by a Fiverr Pro seller - this is why I think it’s misleading sellers especially when hand-picked and FEATURED sellers are providing the same service (which could have definitely been identified by the staffs - since only a few sellers make it to the Fiverr Pro level). And the new gigs I saw are from sellers who have just joined Fiverr 4 months ago, so I’m pretty sure they are not the old ones I saw.

I have refrained from creating such gigs since then, but like @uk1000 said, I think there are several perks that the Top Rated Sellers or the Fiverr Pro sellers enjoy, in terms of offering services that are not allowed to be offered by other sellers.


Top Rated Sellers do not have free reign to go against the TOS just because they are top rated sellers. The TOS applies to everyone, no matter what seller level they hold.