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Unfair gig restriction, I need your support!


Hello Fiverr community!

I need your help. My gig has been deleted form the search results, as stated by fiverr support. Here’s a brief description I sent to them, and you can see the full conversation on


I’m experiencing some trouble with my gig It’s not appearing on the search results. Not even when I search for my username on Fiverr. Customer support told me that they removed the gig’s searchability because it was similar to another gig of mine ( I explained why and how they differ, and even accepted to delete the other gig (which is only three months old, while the removed one is three YEARS old), but they still refused to re activate my gig’s searchability.

Bottomline, they made a mistake judging my gig, I explained why they were wrong, and even accepted the injustice and were willing to remove one gig, but still, they won’t reactivate my gig.

Can you please help me reviewing this? There’s like no chance to keep the block on my gig, since its totally unfair, as explained on ticket 336865, which is unanswered since April 09, 2013 10:02.


I’d like to hear your opinion about this, as I think it’s pretty unfair, and they are not replying back.



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Thanks for approving my link :slight_smile: I’m still waiting for an answer though :confused:

I guarantee them to stay for ever, but they might drop. If they do, I’ll re-deliver for free, and also offer you a refund :slight_smile:


I’m surprised they even gave you an explanation why it was removed from search. They simply told me “not all gigs are listed in search results.” Period. End of story. Their game, their rules.

Good luck tho’ - I hope you get satisfaction.


These gigs are crap anyway. The only ones that purchase them are the one’s who don’t realize how Facebook works. Most of the likes will be removed. Facebook has a cleaner that removes derogatory likes. Even if the seller thinks he’s smart by using proxies. Problem is those same proxies are used by a hundred others and are easy to track. Or the same seller uses the same proxies over and over again.

The only way to keep Facebook likes is by getting them the old fashion way. Hard work.