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UNFAIR! How does super sellers controlling this situation?


Hi there,
I’ve faced this too many times…This is very unfair when a buyer came and order a wrong gig without talking to the seller.After sending an offer requesting the exact amount , they refuse to pay it and cancel the order.Can we all request from the Fiverr crew to help us for this? Atleast they should not make the cancellation rate low for the orders that the customer support gonna cancel. So we can talk to the customer team and tell them to cancel these kind of orders.That will not effect our ratings then. Any suggestion for this? How does super sellers controlling this situation? Any help?? Thanks.


I don’t want anyone messaging me before ordering, unless they have questions.

How do we deal (I was TRS not too long ago)? We either do the job or refund. Yes, the later lowers our order completion rate, but so be it.


So you mean we have to work for $25 if the exact amount is $85?? Do you really like it??


I don’t know if I’m who you would consider a “super seller” but I do have over 5000 positive reviews.

We are all facing the same situation, with buyers or CS cancelling orders affecting us. Right now, there is nothing you can do, except – move forward, try and market your gig, and get more sales – so it doesn’t affect you as badly.

Good luck!


Absolutely not. If a buyer buys your cheapest package and then demands you do premium work, you can send him a custom offer for the difference. If he declines it, then you can refund the order or do the job for less.

If you don’t think you can get a 5 star review from a client, you might as well refund.

Besides, accidents happen. For example, I have an e-mail gig, it doesn’t have packages and the gig description says I don’t want to write e-mail campaigns. I’m happy getting paid $10 to write one e-mail. This prevents most buyers from changing the quantity from 1 to 4.

You have to educate your buyers in your gig description, but be succinct. People are lazy and won’t read a long gig description. Use bold, highlights, underline when it really matters.

Also, have a list of No’s such as “No Adult, Alcohol, Tobacco, or MLMs.”

I do the opposite, I let buyers know I don’t discriminate.


No here the situation is different friend…
He was a client of mine from a long time and he knew what’s the exact gig to order.But he ordered another gig this time and asked to make a full song. the cost is very different to each and he knew that very well.That couldn’t be a mistake.Maybe he thought that I will not refund it and do the work for a cheap price.Most of the buyers are different after using fiverr so many years.They know things well…and some treats us unfairly… My cancellation rate is 89% now for this case…I’m upset a little bit…anyway thank you very much for your message…Happy sales to you!!! :slight_smile:


This is truly unfair… why can’t fiverr team think about us too??? Thank you for your reply…Happy sales :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Can you tell me the way you promote your gigs please? Your profile is really impressive. Just checked.


You can always try sending them an offer if they have not paid enough, to upsell the order.


No he refused to pay… :frowning: So I cancelled it… my cancellations got 89% :frowning:


Cancellations are the easiest number to raise and lower. Make 3 deliveries and you’ll be at 90%, maybe 91%. I’ve seen it happen. Today I was at 91%, I refunded one order and went to 90%.

Rating on the other hand is hard to raise when you have lots of reviews.


its depend on the number of orders you handle within the evaluation period.

There are some sellers doing 3 or 5 orders per month but high price for them if they got any cancellations it will be a huge effect and it will demote them.

Imagine if you are handling 10 orders within evaluation period if one got cancelled it will reduce 10% from the cancellation rate


That’s a great point. Today is January 18, I have completed 45 orders this month so far, so my situation is different.

Either way, it seems Fiverr’s math is hurting everyone.


Thank you very much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hmm… Thank you for replying :slight_smile: