Unfair, I regret ever putting my time into this


2 weeks ago i made my first account , Hallows 94.
Listed a gig as a professional dancer, intermediate voice actor, musician (guitar) and intermediate singer.

I had 2 successful dance requests from a professional buyer, he was polite, paid me the minimum and also promised me more gigs for more $ after the 15th of February. These gigs were for my dancing skills which he provided a kind review on my profile and 2, 5 star reviews. He was very happy to help me get some recognition as he was witness to the quality of my listed skills.

Last night I was messaged by what most may call a literal “f*** boy” who demanded pornographic images from me, i denied him and said the extent of whatever “modelling” content he would want i would not be nude. Nudity is a big “no no” not only to Fivver ToS but to me. This user was belligerent and demanding, he accused me of being a fake profile and called me stupid for denying his request. I report him for harassment after this, message another buyer in regards to my voice acting- then i go to bed.

I wake up and my account has been disabled under violating the ToS which was highlighted in the email. I was accused of providing pornographic material. My assumption is this oaf was so upset i refused to provide him what he wanted, that he reported me for doing so knowing it would get me banned. I hadn’t yet linked my bank account to receive my first earnings from my dance gigs as I am not someone who is quick to link my bank account to anything until cash out time, AKA being apprehensive because this is a new thing to me and also I had yet to set up the paypal account required for Canadian users.

I am upset and completely shocked that someone can just accuse me of something without having to supply evidence such as an excerpt from the chat log or whatever, and just have my account disabled easy as pie. He was so angry i wouldnt provide him nude photos and amidst being an asshole in general as i tried to remind him of other services i provided (such as clothed dancing) that might scratch his petty little itch, he didn’t hesitate to continue to call me down and tell me “i would regret this.”

Where is the protection for females ? Im just lucky it didnt happen to someone who had $50 + waiting to cash out… Someone is horny and childish, you’re trying to run somewhat of a business platform specified around things you’re good at personally, you say no to someone because not only is it against the rules you are not comfortable doing it, and they get all malicious and report you for the thing you didn’t do knowing it will f*** you over.

I know they don’t respond, and that makes it worse.
Little rant, i suppose.

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Adult Fiction Writer

Speechless… :no_mouth:

are you a :boy: or :girl:


I am a female , to which this site offers no protection for obviously.


This is horrible and I am sorry you experienced this.
I have seen things like this happen and the best solution is to contact customer support, explain the situation and include screenshots of relevance - especially the threat at the end as it shows that the reporting was malicious, rather than anything else.
I don’t know why Fiverr seem to operate a “suspend first, ask questions later” policy but it seems to be the way they do it. What you have described is unfair and I am sure, very disheartening but I encourage you to push through it and aim to get your account back up and running.
Best of luck


Similar issues faced by our forum regular @psychicbunny.

Her guy asks her for foot pix.


Did you contact support and explain the situation?


I would love to do that but it wont allow me to access support without an account, so i made this one and included my old profile name when i contacted support. and since its disabled i have no access to the message anymore or my old buyer to get thing started on this new profile- thats probably the biggest issue. He didnt have to supply evidence to get me banned , and now i cant access evidence to get myself unbanned… I will keep trying though, hopefully they see the support message i sent and look into it… in the mean time im just going to start fresh. Thought about giving up but this guy made me so angry that ive chosen to continue pretty much out of spite.


yes but everywhere it says they are not likely to respond :frowning:


My god what shame like just take no for an answer eh ? is her acc still up and running? like do you know if cust support respond to her ?


Support usually reply’s within 24 hours.


Feel free to chime in:


How about 1000+


That just broke my heart… what the fuzzy bunnies is wrong with this website


Dropped a F bomb there… edit plz?


i hope that’s much better :wink:


You don’t know how often a week I run into buyers like this. You ALWAYS have to be polite no matter what. The only reason Fiverr would do that to your account is because you either did what he asked, or you said something rude to him.

If you 100% are sure you did not do ANYTHING wrong with the buyer (includes no cussing, etc.) then message Fiverr and have them to review your case again.


Lmao Fiverr will ban you for saying a bad word to somebody harassing you? I literally just made an account to comment on how backwards r******d that is.

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Beware of multiple accounts you might really get banned for good.


I think this just made up my mind. Best of luck to you personally in your situation… But even though I didn’t even cuss at the guy when he demanded “tits and face,” I can’t see myself being a part of a website that when being pressed for something like that and being called fake and stupid i can’t tell him to F off. This puts too much power in buyers hands. That to me is absolutely insane. You can keep my (what would have been) 20.00 Fivver… Thanks for your time and replies everyone. And again, my sincere well wishes to you Psychicbunny ~ xx

Over & outta here


You shouldn’t give up - it is only one buyer. I’ve made good money working on this site.