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Unfair in order completion rate

Isn’t it unfair that a buyer order a gig without discussing the topic and which is not related to my gig topic and when I canceled this order the 100% order completion get down to 83%???
Why??? that doesn’t make any sense to me. I was hoping it will be 90 to 90 up but why 83 %? moreover, if they evaluate the completion rate for the lasts 60 days then I didn’t even cancel a single order for over the 90 days.
Why fiverr is so cruel towards sellers only?


Because sellers are in abundance


I assume you did about 6 orders the last 60 days. One canceled order would roughly be 17% and therefore lower your order completion rate to 83%.

Every canceled order (no matter if canceled by the buyer, the seller, customer service or chargebacks) does count.

However, if the order got canceled because of a chargeback and that keeps your account from leveling up, you have good chances to solve that issue by contacting customer service a few days before the 15th.

I hope this information may be of benefit for you.


yes i have cancelled 6 orders but it was the last in April. after that, the last 4 months I didnt cancel any order.

If you ask them to increase rating which lost due to chargeback they will answer that they can’t do anything.

It is their all time favorite answer by the way

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If I understood correctly, there was a cancelation right now, right? So one cancelation out of 6 orders total would be roughly 17%. Let’s say you finished 20 orders the last 60 days, and had only one cancelation, then it would be some kind of error if your completion rate dropped by 17%. But if you completed 6 orders the last 60 days and got one cancelation, then it would be correct if your completion rate dropped by 17%.

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ok got it understood

And by god grace you got your first order in 60 days and order got cancelled due to Paypal or CS grace then you got 100% cancellation rate,

VOILA, you got -100 level demotion.