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UNFAIR Level demotion warning

Last month my Level Two was demoted because of my response being 89% on Jan 15th 2012.
But this month I kept it at 93% until last night AND I GOT UP THIS MORNING TO SEE FIVERR HAD DECREASED IT TO 86%. Tomorrow is the next evaluation. ITS UNFAIR. HOW CAN FIVERR LOWER MY RESPONSE RATE WITHOUT ANY REASON. My orders and response rate has been perfect.

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60 days.

Mathematics and statistics.

If you had 100$ in last 70 days but the late response happen in last 60 days the response from the 10 days do not count any more.

Same with cancelations. What happened in 60 days counts.


I know. Last night it was 93%. How can it drop down to 86% in a night

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Check your spam folder? You might have a missed message.