Unfair order system!


Hi Everyone… this is ayesha. i want to get your suggestions on this topic. i am not satisfied with fiverr policy for the sellers. the situation is:
My gig offers psd design for website. the basicpackage is $20 for that. but it is just for photoshop template. i have mentioned each and everything in gig description… but some buyer purchases my gig without discussing anything with me and order me for a complete website for $20 only. without reading gig description or without discussion in inbox. and when i tell them this… they eventually cancel the order and my order completion rate gets decreased in no time. i find this very unfair. i believe that there should be a system that when a buyer directly purchases a gig, the seller should have this option whether to accept that order or not. so that it does not happen with sellers.

give me your advise, suggestion etc. thank you :slight_smile:


I think, you’ve to correct yourself First rather than complaining about buyer purchase. Buyer do purchase, what they see on your gig title.

So If you’re selling gig for Website Photoshop template. You should write in your description very clearly and your gig title should be like : I will do design website page Photoshop template or blahh…blaahh… Very clearly.



I think your suggestion is pretty good! I have also meet the same situations a lot. It’s just so annoyed that some silly buyers want to take advantage of us sellers, however, 50% is also because the Fiverr protects Buyer more than sellers. It’s truly unfair I know! But you take it or leave it! I don’t think they’ll change this type of policy…


Actually some buyers are not reading the gig descriptions and they purchase what they see in the gig title.


Buyer can’t take any advantage, If you have written very clearly in description and gig title. If buyer do purchase without read then you may refuse to cancel or Refund. :slight_smile:


Gig title should be very clear. Also don’t include many types of service in Single gig. That creates confusion for buyers :slight_smile:


So why would a buyer need to take the responsibility? They have EYES to read!!!


@hazel_wilson if this situation happens again (a buyer orders something you don’t offer on your gig) then contact customer service to ask them to cancel the order. I have heard some instances where doing this will mean the cancellation doesn’t affect your stats.


i have question here. two days before the evaluation date. i completed an order of website, and when i asked buyer that i have done all the work… no he can complete the order… he instantly cancelled the order and changed his login details for the website and also cpanel login details. and because of cancellation, my order completion rate decreased instantly from 100% to 89% and my level demoted. :’( now tell me… is it fair?


i’ve done the same… thanks :slight_smile:


If you have all proof, You have completed the buyer order all as you committed in the gig order. Then you may contact Fiverr CS and i’m sure they will help and that cancellation won’t happen. You’ll get all fund.


yes… i contacted fiverr CS… i told all teh situation and proof also but i haven’t got any help. leave the refund … i just wanted them to help me out for my statistics. but they did not even help for the stats. their reply was.
Unfortunately, the cancellation decreases sellers statistics… blah blah blah which i know very well…


Is this the gig you have for a stunning website design of one, three or five pages with this description:

If you order this gig you will get an awesome website template. once you get the design of your website then you can make that out!

what i will give you!

A nice and clean but very professional design
Creative and Unique design
High quality work with unlimited revision
Fast delivery and excellent response time
JPG and PNG file.If you need psd please use an extra
Friendly service. You will not only love my work but my services too

You don’t have any gigs for $20 for a PSD design as far as I can tell.


This still affect your ratings!
I think they told befor that this will not affect (also if cancellation is mutual) but it does affect at least now!


yes because i’ve modified it now. i can’t bear anymore cancellations.


I think it’s a good suggestion


Fiverr have already this kind of option in different way. Buyers can request seller with their budget and job brief by inbox. After Seller can refuse or accept.



In circumstances where a person asks for more than what they ordered, deliver what they would be entitled to for the amount they paid.

For instance, if the seller orders the Basic package, give them what the Basic package offers. Nothing more, nothing less.


If fiverr do implement this option then there will more problem than current. Because Buyers can do send 2 or 3 Order request for same job because they don’t sure, Who’ll accept Or Refuse. Or at the same time 2 sellers can accept that single job…something like that kind of issue will come :slight_smile:

Fiverr developers and product design team are more intelligent than you :wink:


Surely, they are.

If buyers don’t order multiple gigs, then they would not face the issue of accepting 2 orders for the same job.