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Unfair Rating BY FIVERR

Last month my Level Two was demoted because of my response being 89% on Jan 15th 2012.
But this month I kept it at 93% until last night AND I GOT UP THIS MORNING TO SEE FIVERR HAD DECREASED IT TO 86%. Tomorrow is the next evaluation. ITS UNFAIR. HOW CAN FIVERR LOWER MY RESPONSE RATE WITHOUT ANY REASON. My orders and response rate has been perfect.


I have a similar problem, well, it doesn’t affect my lvl up tomorow but i canceled an order before christmas, I completed orders since 2 months, and my order completion rate is still stucked at 93% :frowning:

Your Response Rate is calculated over the course of the last 60 days. So, as time passes, your old messages will become older than 60 days, and hence they will no longer be included in your Response Rate. Thus, you might experience that your Response Rate will decrease even as you receive no new messages.

@psykkopatte - same thing for the Order Completion Rate. It is just math. Try calculating it yourself and see if it doesn’t add up.


Thanks master, I’m bad with maths tho

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Ah yes indeed, around 10 days remaining.

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Hi, Perbat
Hope you are doing fine.
I am new in Fiverr but you are senior at stay in Fiverr last 5 years.
You have more experience and idea from us. I think did not calculate properly for this why you felt confusion. It is better you can get help from Fiverr support team. They are very flexible, communicative also they give in prompt solutions. Stay Safe.
Best of luck

See example/simulation how these “rolling” metrics work. This one is for Delivery on Time, the other two metrics are the same…

1 = order delivered on time
0 = order not delivered on time