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Unfair suspension

I keep having issues verifying my ID, I’ve sent in multiple crystal clear photos with my iPhone XR.

They keep telling me my photos are “too blurry” this is not the case, i’ve taken photography classes in the past, and I’m using an $800 phone.

Fiverr just suspended my account when i asked for assistance from their customer support, so clearly they are not willing to help. I am a valid US citizen, and my name on the account, I’ve completed my W9 tax form.

I keep getting this response:

I am a cancer patient and I depend on fiverr for basic needs like food & supporting my family. This restriction has crushed me and left me in distress, I’ve done nothing wrong and do not deserve this ban,

What did you say to them and how did you say it?

It seems you’re leaving out incriminating parts of your story.

This is quite odd and I’m not sure why this is happening, but from what I’ve seen and heard in the past, when an account gets suspended there is usually a very good reason behind it. Where in the message does it say that the photo is “blurry?” :open_mouth:

Don’t worry. you can back your account again. just visit fiverr customer support and tell them your issue. They will solve your problem, and give you an opportunity to submit your ID info again.

Please follow this article below to get a better understanding before submitting your ID.

Best of luck.
Happy Freelancing

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I said nothing rude, I did say it was “extremely unfair” and “insane” to Falsely suspend my account because my ID was “too blurry” when the photo was taken by an $800 device capable of filming 4K video.

"Hello, I HAVE submitted them 10-15 times. I’m using my government issued ID, and an image of me, there is an error on your side, my ID must be manually verified.

There is literally an error in the code of the verification process. I have submitted MULTIPLE images. None of them they always say “too low quality” this is NOT the case. I’m using a $1,000 phone which records in 4K quality. they are NOT too low quality."

My exact quotes.

Thank you my friend, unfortunately their support team is unwilling to help, or remove my suspension, I cannot attempt to submit any ID photos because of my suspension.

just to clarify, are you sending the same file over and over, or did you take a fresh photo each time

i mean, you’ve focused a great deal on the quality of you’re camera. i have a £400 phone, capable of shooting in 4k HDR (for what that’s worth) and i took photography in collage, i can still take a bad photo with it though. the important thing is that the ID is legible and it fits with whatever requirements they have, not your iphone or where you’re at

in short, can you read the information on the ID from the photo that you sent?


Yes. 100% the photo is extremely crisp, and can be read to great detail.

I’ve submitted over ten variations, I’ve never double submitted the same photo, here is an example of one of them I sent (blurred for personal info obviously).

There is no issue with the quality of my photos, you can read the details with great quality. There is a detail with their automated ID system which attempts to detect the photos.

They need an option for manual verification.

Over 24h and no response to my ticket.

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yup that looks perfectly fine to me

covid and wotnot are slowing CS down at the minute, so it might take a few days to get a response, i would also recommend staying as professional as you can, when they get to your ticket you should be grand

It’s a good quality but the problem might be in the light and in your background
It’s automated system and it might be taking all numbers that are visible on the paper as part of it. Plus bad light, it’s good quality but the light is pretty dark. Did you try taking photo with a day light?

Same situation here… I’ve tried fifth times but it’s still not work…I am waiting for the CS team answer…