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Unfair warning got removed, still affecting my profile

Hi. Yesterday I got this unfair warning because ‘‘I did not communicate enough with the buyer’’ which was false. When I told fiverr support what happened they said, yeah we can see that you actually communicated with the buyer so we are removing this warning. Amazing, however my impressions went from 6K to 2K in two days which I believe was because of the warning.

I am definitely frustrated for not being supported as much as the buyers on this platform. They blindly followed what the buyer said, did not check if I actually communicated with him or not and gave me the warning. I can not afford fiverr support making mistakes like these because my livelihood depends on the website. They can not just take a buyer’s claim and do something that could affect someone’s sells without investigating it, they just can’t.

This happened to me as well.

I got a warning for no reason but they removed it straight after when they realized.

You are not alone, it sucks but I don’t know what we can do as fiverr support cannot change the gig rankings even if it is unfair :frowning:

I wasn’t hit as hard as you but there’s still some damage.