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UNFAIR... Who protects the seller?

A buyer marked the orders as complete, gave me a good rating to each orders… and then he buyed more, he was happy… and today (several days later the order finished and he gave me positive feedback) he contacted me saying that a fiend of him did not liked the work, and wanted a refund, i agreed to refund a part of the work (even he was happy initially)… but now i received notifications, that he cancelled ALL the works, even when i finished them in time and he rated me positive… CAN A BUYER DO THAT WITHOUT A DISPUTE???,… i received this message and the orders are cancelled by the buyer… can they do that??? without my permission??

Hi aldodel, We have been informed by PayPal that a dispute was opened for your order FO62D21547E3: draw you full body picture as a simpsons character within 24 hrs. As a result, we are forced to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work. Please note that in some cases disputes are nothing more than temporary holds that PayPal puts on funds to make sure that they were authorized by the buyer. The dispute does not indicate that the buyer initiated it. If the dispute gets resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your gig. Thanks, The Fiverr Team

Now i see the buyer and his profile dissapeared and the funds were returned to him... and nobody asked me for authorization....

my question, if he could do that, everybody will??

I’m not sure what the whole point of the 14 day clearing period is, it could surely be much shorter? It seems to me as if it is really just a mechanism to ensure that a buyer can still get a refund for whatever reason, at your expense. I haven’t quite had this happen to me yet, but I’ve read more horror stories than I’m comfortable with. Especially with gigs that actually require you to invest into them with $$$ before you see the return.

Reply to @madmoo: yes, That´s sad :(, i sent this to support, i hope they explain why

Reply to @madmoo: Thanks madmoo, at least is good to know that im not alone, but it makes me sad only to think that the buyer was happy, gave me positive review and now does this… :(, as you say… free work :confused:

OMG what a horrible story. I am just started 22 days ago and now I’m really scared of these horror stories :frowning:

Yes i feel dissapointed right now, i feel helpless, like with no rights :frowning: the system does not protect the buyer :confused:

And when i try to go to his profile this appears:

"The user account you are looking for is no longer available"

so dissapointing thet a user can do this and fiverr let him

Yes, its sad, is the first time it happens to me, i had not any bad experience before, until now… and it does not feel good :confused:

This happens because there are a lot of sleazy types out there who buy our hard work for $5, slap their name on it, and sell it for $20+. Buyers doing this type of reselling should be banned.

Even i experienced this on a $60 order.

I agree,heart breaks when things like this happen, but you get mentally tougher to tackle it next time…

This world is bad, but i don’t think all Fiverr buyers are not decent.

check my discussion too SAME CASE!

This is quite horrifying to say the least. I suspect the Fiverr management team will be pushed into action should this sort of thing take place regularly.

I’ve Googled “how to scam Fiverr” and couldn’t find any results, which is good. Can you imagine if these rogue buyers started telling the world of the loopholes within Fiverr? We’d be out of pocket and business.

The worse thing is that the user is online again in fiverr :((

Rethinking my position as a seller on Fiverr.

you can contact paypal get screen shots and send it to them do as you would if this was a fiverr dispute prove you did the work and you will get your money back paypal has people you can talk to 24 7

Reply to @matt_garry:

He actually can’t work with PayPal in that situation, as the transaction was between the buyer and Fiverr, not the two individuals personally.

PayPal would have nothing to say to him in this case as he is not a participant to the dispute, technically.

Reply to @brandontvedt: I disagree

Reply to @brandontvedt:

Also, unless they have changed this -very- recently, PayPal seller protection only extends to buyers who ship -physical- goods.

The last time I checked, which was no more than a few months ago, I was still completely uncovered by their seller protection program as I sell strategy, writing, and creative deliverables.

So not only is he not a party to the dispute, he also may not qualify for the protection, if all he shipped was a digital good.

Reply to @brandontvedt: Several sellers have done this and gotten the money back.

Reply to @matt_garry:

There’s nothing to disagree with. What does the guys’ credit card/bank statement/whatever he paid with say? It says Fiverr; that’s the party to his dispute.

You can’t shoehorn yourself into a situation like that. Try it - they will say “Sir, this is a dispute between Fiverr and Other Party”, I assure you.

Reply to @matt_garry:

Look, it’s not open for dispute.

Google this phrase “paypal seller protection digital goods”.

The first result will be the PayPal FAQ.

This is text from inside that FAQ, copypasted:

Why doesn’t Seller Protection cover deliveries made in person, or intangible goods (such as digital goods or services)?

One of the most important requirements for coverage under Seller Protection is proof of shipment or delivery. Since deliveries made in person and sales of intangible goods do not have verifiable shipping documentation, we cannot currently extend protection for these types of transactions.

I don’t know what stories you are hearing, but they directly contradict the PayPal FAQ. I’d link directly if I could, but I gave you an exact way to look for yourself.