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UNFAIR... Who protects the seller?

im not here to argue but if you look at the buyer side they cant even file disputes for the same reasons. For the most part fiverr offers services and paypal notes that they do not protect the buyer for things like this. So if they are so strict on the rules how can someone file a dispute for something that goes against terms…

Reply to @matt_garry:

Sigh. I realize your intentions are good, but I assure you, you are mistaken, and are spreading misinformation.

Google ‘PayPal chargeback guarantee’. This will again take you back to, to a document entitled ‘Your Guide to Chargebacks’.

The first sentence of the first section, entitled ‘What is a Chargeback?’ reads thusly:

A chargeback, also known as a reversal, is when a buyer asks their credit card issuer to reverse a transaction after it has been completed. It is available only to users who make a payment funded by their credit or debit card.

The important part being -funded by their credit or debit card-.

The PayPal Purchase protection doesn’t apply, and is not what they filed their dispute under. At all. They filed a formal dispute with their credit card company.

And again, the dispute is between -them-, and -Fiverr-; NOT the provider, who they will tell to piss off if they butt their nose in.

This is a legal matter between the person who owns the credit card and the person who accepted the funds; the seller is neither of those two people.

well im not even 100% sure it was a charge back and if it was paypal is very clear that they want to be contacted to stop fraud, they do fight these for the most part but they state they can choose not to. but if they are I am sure they would be happy to get some screen shots of the transaction. They don’t guarantee your money back but I don’t see anything about them saying they wont fight it

Reply to @matt_garry: Have you tried that Matt?

Reply to @anarchofighter: nope I have not done it my self. I believe it was mrspanda who did this

I've had this same problem as a seller on Ebay. One time, I sold an iPad to a chap who then opened a case on "Item not as described." He then sent it back, which was a box with a block of wood. I called paypal and disputed it, and even though everyone I talked with was sympathetic, they said there was nothing they could do. This was merely a "he said / she said" debate, and in that case, they're always going to protect the buyer. Paypal let some buyer scam me.

There is something you can do! It's not easy, but you can protect yourself. Here's what I did:

I opened a new savings account, specifically to receive my paypal deposits only. I then linked this savings account to my checking account, and got a debit card for that savings account only. Then, I opened a new paypal account, linked to this new savings account. I used the new debit card to establish my id, and a different email address.

When I receive a paypal deposit, I then move it over to my savings account as soon as possible. Then, with online banking, I move the money from my savings account to my checking account. The money is now beyond paypal's grasp.

So, seven months later, I sold an new auto part, and the buyer disputed as "item not as described." He then sent it back - the used auto part that he replaced with the new part I sold to him. Since I already had the money for that purchase (and others) already moved over into my checking account, paypal couldn't get to it.

Now, there are consequences to this. It will zorch your paypal account, so then you'll need to close your paypal account and open up yet another one. It will also taint your savings account in payal, so you'll need to open another savings account to use with your new paypal account. Also, you could be exposed to NSF fees when paypal attempts to take the money out of your savings account, and it's not there. However, I've found a polite request to the bank manager will reverse that NSF fee.

So, you have to be quick to get the money beyond paypal's control, and be prepared to cycle through multiple accounts. But for me, the effort of this pays off when the loss was placed where it should be - with paypal, and not with me.

RIGHT! NOT FAIR for seller.

Today I just received a negative feedback from a buyer. His order was delivered OVER 4 MONTHS ago, but he didn’t say anything with me. so his order was marked completed auto by system.

And now he give me a negative feedback and does not say anything too.

I wish the sellers are protected. Many many things that need to done by Fiverr system:

_ Can reject any buyer that they won’t work with (not mutual cancel order) - I saw many crazy buyers (haha)

_ Show buyer’s feedback to show how is their way.

_ Feedback is not leave/change after 1 month and more…

I’m very disappointed with Fiverr system now, I’m appy for another job, a non-online job although I’m Level2…so sad

I think is good idea to show the buyer feedbacks too

I have been reading this thread with increasing disbelief - are you seriously saying that if a buyer does this, decides after all’s said and done that he doesn’t want to pay for the work he’s requested and received, fiverr will let paypal take the money back, and take it back from the seller?! Even though the seller has done nothing wrong, the work was completed, and the buyer has the work?

I’m sorry, I’ve never worked for a site that behaves so disgracefully - and I’m a top writer on several others (where, I might add, the writer is protected)! I’m relatively new and was looking forward to building my account here, but if this is how the admin behaves I won’t bother!



This thread is filled with misinformation.

The horrible thing (chargebacks) are a feature of all the freelance platforms - anywhere that accepts credit card payments, really.

What happens is that these people file a dispute with Visa, MC, etc. -The CC company- then pulls the funds back because of their merchant agreements - CC companies make the rules in the world of payment processing.

You can be involved in a chargeback dispute when using Fiverr, accepting payments directly from clients over PayPal, or using -any- of the major freelancing sites. If they paid with a credit card, -REGARDLESS- of how you get paid or anything else, they can pull this on you.

Most of the freelancing platforms (Fiverr included) will axe your account if you pull this of course, as not only is the provider out the money, but they have lost their pound of flesh as well. The idea being that bank account linked PayPal accounts are hard enough to come by that people will not frequently engage in this behavior.

So while Fiverr does need to improve in the seller protection department, its mainly for things like cancellations, customers who do things like feedback blackmail, and negative feedback protection from unreasonable customers, etc.

They offer the same protections anywhere else does regarding chargebacks, which are an endemic danger to -ALL- platforms in the freelancing world.

Hopefully that clarifies somewhat!

P.S. - And by ‘same protections anywhere else does regarding chargebacks’, I mean none at all. When a customer pulls a credit card based chargeback, you’re screwed, end of story. But so are they, with the freelancing platform in question and PayPal.

If they are not banned on Fiverr any more (i.e. their account still exists) it means they cancelled the chargeback and the money is back in their Fiverr account. You will not get this back unless they reorder. This is the thing I loathe about Fiverr. They have no system in place to get you that money back. However, a customer can PP chargeback all they like without any comeback as long as they cancel the charge back. I know for a fact one person used the same $5.00 to purchase 3 different gigs as he kept charging back (he is now banned) it should not have even have got to the second one…

Reply to @ryangillam: Thats right, the user should not be able to comeback to fiverr to buy… is unfair because he can buy 2 or 3 gigs with the same money (and in this case he STOLE more than 5, he stole from me my work of $50 dollars, that means that he can order until maybe 150 dollars before his account will be cancelled forever? Great business :o


Well my time has come.

Delivered a video to a buyer who is using it on his site and YouTube - it was a $140 order.

The charge-back has happened, his account is gone.

What is the current advice on this front?

Reply to @madmoo: I’ve had this happen too. And I never get a re-order.

Reply to @aldodel: well do NOT accept any more orders!!!

If he uses it on youtube, send him a message that he is using your work without permission. As he has not paid for it, the work’s ownership reverts to you. He either has to pay the Gig or stop using the video.

If he doesn’t, report the video as copyright infringement and offer proof that you made it; usually they don’t want trouble and there’s a good chance the video will be removed or locked.

His account has been removed from Fiverr although as part of the project I have his URL / contact details!

It is still early in San Francisco (where he is from) so I’ll give him till midday his time and then hit YouTube with a copyright infringement.

I’m not sure what Fiverr think is helpful about immediately closing the account so the buyer can’t be contacted on site - it’s totally counterproductive.

Surely just preventing further purchases would / should be enough.

Reply to @calderjon: Well aside of his Fiverr (edit: was Twitter, silly me) account, if it’s on Youtube there’s an account attached to that. And likely, he’s much more upset if that account gets lost than his Fiverr account…