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Unfairly demoted again, read so that you can TRY not to make the mistake


I woke up to the news of being demoted again from level two to level one. The reason? Some time ago I had received a warning for delivering incomplete work. I was guilty, I did this and explained the client I needed some more time. It was a tiny fault and I had received the warning that I would get demoted if I did it again.

So of course I avoided ever doing that again. However, yesterday I accidentally delivered the original file to the client instead of the translation. The client kindly requested a modification and let me know of the mistake which I easily corrected, no problem.

But fiverr support didn’t think this way and just demoted me. I explained the mistake to support and they said they couldn’t do anything about it, according to the way they’ve been acting lately, and they just replied that I was in violation of the warning. Which makes no sense because I did not intentionally deliver the wrong file. It was just a human mistake.

So as you can see, there’s no way of NOT being demoted, because we are not machines, we will make mistakes, and they’re looking at any tiny mistake to demote you. Thus it is no longer a matter of quality.

It seems to me they no longer want top rated sellers because over the last 4 months there have only been 3 and I had had all the right scores to be promoted twice and they did not and just ended up demoting me even more.

Like I said, I bet there’s an algorithm they discovered in which they know they are making more money by keeping few top rated sellers and almost the same amount of sellers concentrated on level one and level two. Which would make a totally unfair system. My 2 cents.


I disagree. Fiverr clearly wants Top Rated Sellers, because TRS seller help to build the desired professional reputation of this site. What I think might, more likely, be happening, though, is that Fiverr may want a higher quality of TRS sellers, and this means working to thin the ranks until their quality goal is reached.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be a TRS, but I am saying that we may not know how high the bar is being set for the TRS status. There are a lot of people slowly being demoted from TRS, and even fewer gaining the promotion. Clearly TRS is being groomed as a “cream of the crop” status.


This is unfortunate but you did do the same thing twice within 100 days - you failed to deliver the completed order. The buyer almost certainly reported it (even if they didn’t tell you) because Support doesn’t look closely at deliveries unless there is a complaint. What happened to you is a mess and I understand your frustration, but the requirements to maintain a level are clearly stated.

I disagree with you here. If you had made it past the 2nd warning time mark, you wouldn’t have been demoted. You got warned the first time for deliberately not sending a complete order which you didn’t have to do. You got warned the second time for not being super careful for at least the amount of time required to stay in the “green” on your levels. Support found out about it and Fiverr did what they told you they would do - they demoted you.

Yes, people make mistakes. You could have made one mistake and been all right in this case. One mistake plus one broken rule is too much. There are many sellers who have been demoted and got their levels back with a bit of effort. There are many other sellers who have not been demoted at all because they manage to keep their stats up.

It’s not the worst thing in the world to lose a level, you just get up and regain your level. TRS is a gold standard these days and it’s not necessary to be a TRS to make good money. You can either “get back on the horse” and fix this or you can gripe or quit. Good luck with shaking off the negative situation and moving on or deciding on some other career path. Either way you can be fine!


Honestly I felt like before they were just handing out TRS to people who didn’t really deserve it. Now they are being more picky which I respect.


The problem is that the quality fiverr is looking for is not in line with what people are getting paid. I work for other translation companies outside of fiverr and I charge 5x more than what I charge on fiverr. That’s why I have to be very precise and check everything on those outside gigs. But fiverr wants you to have that same quality earning 5x less. I’m only here because I get constant work, and I’m also one of the few translators in the site that does have credentials.

And my credentials don’t seem to matter here. I think fiverr should promote people with credentials or set minimum prices that are higher than what we normally get paid. Or take less commission. This is would justify the amount of quality they are demanding.

All I’m learning is that I cannot longer rely on work from fiverr and that’s why I’m getting it from other sources. If you look around the forum you can realize fiverr is no longer a happy place to be a freelancer, any good new venture could displace fiverr from the market.


Nah, honestly, that doesn’t make sense. I know multiple sellers who make a living wage on Fiverr even at level 2. Fiverr doesn’t expect you to do any specific quality for any specific amount of money. They provide a platform where you decide what to do and buyers let you know if they find your gigs worth it. Fiverr actively promotes gigs that have higher prices though not every seller can command those.

I’m totally for working on multiple platforms. It’s safer no matter which site you are talking about.

I’m looking around. I don’t see what you see, but I wish you the best. Granted, if Fiverr did go down tomorrow, I’d be prepared for that too, but in the meantime it works for me and for many others.


If you were TRS and someone told you that you didn’t deserve it, would you agree with them?

What I see now is that some categories only have few TRS’s. A lot of talented sellers where purged by the new rules.


The buyer may not need to report it to CS for them to know. When a delivery is made the buyer has options of whether to ask for a revision and is asked to select a reason, eg. something like “I still need changes”, “Partial Delivery”, “Nothing was delivered”. CS might tell from the reason the buyer selects for the revision after the they receive it.


Exactly TOO many people had TRS it was overflooding the market. TRS should be prestigious. Before it felt like TRS was being handed around to people like a participation award. I ordered from a TRS seller once and my gig was delivered 2 days late with 0 response from the seller it was awful. Back then that badge meant really nothing to me. Not only that but then there were people with 1 gig and 10 reviews who had TRS. What about the people who have 5+ gigs and a thousand reviews? It was pointless. I’m glad they’re being more picky now.


Could be, but doesn’t change any of the actual facts in this situation.


same here brothere :frowning:


That’s because a lot of TRS sellers create new gigs when they become TRS. They want to make more money and be in a less crowded category. Besides, TRS doesn’t mean you deliver perfect work all the time. Sometimes people are impossible, sometimes they’re never happy.

Besides, I know a TRS with a 3.5 gig rating, and he hasn’t lost his badge, his other gigs are rated 4.9.

I’ve never seen that. A gig might be new and have 5 reviews, but that seller usually has 5 or 10 other gigs with 500 to 1,000 reviews. Even then, each gig is different, not all gigs have the same sales volume.

You like the new Fiverr? Then explain this to me. How come if I choose 0 in the number of revisions, the buyers are still able to demand modifications? That’s the kind of nonsense that needs fixing.


Hello, I’m sypathetic to you for being demoted. But it’s such a simple thing to deliver on time the right file. Others do it all the time without fail. It’s sort of the minimum requirement, isn’t it? I don’t mean to be critical, just saying it’s not hard to do.

If a seller does not deliver the right file, or does not deliver on time, imagine the buyer’s disappointment upon seeing this. It does fiverr’s reputation no good also. I can imagine the shock and let down a buyer must feel when this happens.


I agree, that’s the easiest part of the job.


I completely agree there are plenty of things that Fiverr should be working on. I just think that TRS was overly populated and some people who received the TRS badge shouldn’t deserve it (delivering late, lack of responses, poor work ethics, etc.)