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Unfairly demoted from Level 2 to Level 0


I feel like the new ranking system needs more work to reflect reality.

I’m not saying it’s a complete flop. But it does hurt some sellers for the wrong reasons.

I was personally demoted from level 2 to level 0 without deserving it.

The first demotion was because I canceled two orders because the buyers didn’t discuss the project before ordering the gig.

And I clearly ask to be contact before going through with any order. Especially for new customers. I clearly state:


$5 is typically for a quick fix, ONE UNIT.

I can’t afford to do everything for $5. Each request has its own pricing. If it doesn’t qualify for $5, I give an estimate and leave it to the buyer to decide.

So, it’s just unfair to be demoted because a buyer didn’t read the requirements properly and ordered the gig without discussing what needs to be done. They should be penalized for that, not us sellers.

The second demotion was because I couldn’t keep my response rate at the 90% level. Not for lack of answers.

The only way to do so is by forcing a response where there’s no need for it.

We just can’t always have the last word!

For example, I received a request a couple of days ago from a regular customer. I said that I will take a look most likely in a couple of days when I have an opening. The customer understands that she needs to wait a couple of days but she couldn’t help but add few more requests.

I didn’t feel the need to respond at the time because it wouldn’t bring anything to the discussion.

As a result, my response rate dropped below 90% and I was forced to repeat myself once again and say that I will check things out when I have an opening in order to “stop whatever time counter is in play” that affects the response rate.

That reminds me that whenever I had to discuss something with a top seller, I was really annoyed how they always kept saying stupid things in order to be the last to respond to a discussion. Now I understand why the hustle.

The ranking system needs to be more inclined to understand these kinds of things. Otherwise, sellers won’t bother giving their best to keep their ranking and eventually drop off Fiverr, which I’m seriously considering.

This will also affect buyers’ user experience by forcing us seller to always respond with senseless filler sentences for the sake of having the last word on the conversation.


Same thing happened to me, got demoted to new seller level because of an 89% response rate and now this month, ive had 5 mistake orders that had to be cancel, so im stuck at level 0, so other peoples mistake cost me. Fiverr never listen to its sellers and i dont think they ever will, its disappointing, i was doing so well on here, working hard to reach top seller level but now im not even level one even though i worked for it, but im still going to work for top rated seller no matter how difficult or frustrating fiverr can be, there is not much that can be done but working extra hard.

Also you only need to reply to new messages for response rate to be effected, you dont have to respond to every conversation that has ended, i dont know why people assume this.


There definitely needs to be changes to the system. I’d guess about half of all demotions have been the buyers fault, and not the sellers.


You are mistaken about response rate. The only thing that matters is that you respond to their first message within 24 hours. After that you can ignore the next 100 in the same thread and it will not matter as far as response rate.


Wow, that changes things. I find myself always having to say something to have the last word. Even if that means sending a “:+1:” emoji.


Take it to the next level and make a quick response that says “Thanks for contacting me. I’ll take a look and advise as soon as possible” Then fire that off from the mobile app and you have no worries.

This makes response time the easiest metric to manage.


Not sure about that. Because if it was the case, I would have ALWAYS 100 response rate :slight_smile:

I usually respond within the hour. The longest I respond to a message is within 5 to 8 hours when I get them on night time.

So, I’m pretty sure that current discussions are also taken into account. Otherwise, why would my response rate drop from +90 to sub 80 when I didn’t comment an ongoing conversation? And I didn’t get any new discussion meanwhile.


That’s the thing. I don’t want to sound like a bot.

I don’t want to say things that don’t fit into a conversation just for the sake of filling.


You may want to ask CS to take a look at your account. If that were the case, I would have a response rate of 50%, because I ignore everyone who asks for samples, discounts, or haggles after I say “I’m sorry, can’t help you.”


I was stuck on level 2 for a couple of years now. Just because I didn’t have volume sales. My gig is not the kind that gets zillions of orders. But yet, I have a spotless 5/5 score in all reviews.

That didn’t weight in their account review before demoting it twice. So, I’m not so sure if they care about hard work and quality as long as you comply with their review system by acting like a bot.


I’m not sure that fulfilling all of the requirements as opposed to just some is acting like a bot. But good luck to you.


I stay at 100% on my messages. If there is a bug that makes it drop I immediately message CS and they usually can reset that for me. How can it be possible that I can do it? I have dozens of messages every day.

If I can do it, so can everyone if they try. I have the same message system everyone has.