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Unfortunate case with Buyer


Dear Community,

Today I got a “nice” Buyer asking to translate a 150 years old handwritten text from old Russian script to English. I warned her that some words were unclear and would be hard to decypher. She replied that it would be fine not to translate it. After receiving my work she left a review saying “Satisfactory Experience” and a 3,5 mark. Then I asked her why it was so. She asked me whether the names should have been translated “Polish like”. I replied that without having knowledge of Polish it would be impossible to translate it properly. Then she changed her review like this: "I was satisfied and I said so in my honest feedback, but Alinahu took offence at this. She also got angry when I asked her a simple question. My original review said I would recommend her, but after her rude and snappy messages I have changed it and would now NOT recommend her."

It is not true. Pretty sad now:(( , it is just my 3d review. What should I do? How to avoid such Customers? Sellers, please respect and understand translators’ work.



Sorry for the unfortunate situations.

As other people have pointed out, you have a number of options , but my advice to you would be to cancel the order all together (Order page -> Resolution -> Cancel)

Why ?
The 3.5 stars are hurting you , down to 89% . the Problem is, recovering your ratings back up will be hard , as opposed to simply cancelling and getting your ratings back .

Trust be , it will be an uphill task. in my fiverr journey, i once dropped to 98% , to get back to 99% , I had to complete over 50 Five Star orders ,so you can imagne how it will be for you

Simply cancel , let the client get the refund, it is not worth the price you will pay to get your ratings back

Hope this helps



Just keep cancelling untill she agrees or it auto cancels after 3 days . once cancelled , the review will disappear and your original rating will appear automatically , thanks.


I Guess you should Contact Customer Support and tell them hoe she behaved and gave you review based on that
They will surely help you


Hello @alinahu! I applaud of your very unique gig and your multilingual ability!

Sorry to hear about that buyer. Very nice of you to still respond in a positive way towards her regardless of how she handled the situation.

But as a new seller, every positive feedback will count! It’s sad to see that your rating went to 89% due to the unfortunate incident. You can always cancel that order and she will get refunded and the negative rating will disappear. Or you may contact Customer Support and explain your situation…

Hoping for the best on your situation! :slight_smile:


well that buyer wasn’t “nice”. she’s mean…but maybe create a new gig to support the old one and drive traffic to it.


Reply to @silberma1976: Thank you! I offered her refund but she rejected it. Then I just left a 5 star positive feedback and wished her great translators in future. ))


Reply to @alinahu: I think you definitely made the right choice by taking the high road and offering a positive and friendly response to her remarks, though it definitely sounds like her expectations of your services were unreasonable in expecting you to use Polish when translating, which is a language that has nothing to do with the services you offer. That would be like if I got angry with a baker because she didn’t wash my car to go along with the cookies I purchased. Cookies have nothing to do with car washes!

I say that it wouldn’t hurt to contact Fiverr Customer Support to explain the situation and request that they review (and possibly remove) her feedback, as it seems like she based her negative review on not receiving a Polish translation service that you don’t even offer. It never hurts to check!

Either way, best of luck with your gigs! :slight_smile:


Reply to @nickih: Thank you very much! Wish you all the best with your gigs too!))


Reply to @melvokip: Thank you for your kind advice! What if she does not agree? I offered her refund but she rejected. I am afraid this review will remain after refunding her.


Reply to @melvokip: I do not think this is correct. If the buyer agrees to the cancellation that is mutual and the review should be removed to my understanding. However, if the cancellation goes to automatic cancel, the buyer will be refunded but the review will stay as-is. I don’t think it would hurt to offer a refund again, but I would speak with Customer Support as well. Letting the job cancel on it’s own could end up having to lose the money with no reward.


Reply to @theratypist: Thank you! I requested a cancellation but she probably would not pay attention to it. There is a huge risk that after automatic cancellation the review will not disappear. (( There is no choice but to contact Customer Support.


Reply to @article_profits: Thank you for supporting me!


Reply to @alinahu: If the buyer doesn’t accept the cancellation, the review will stay as-is.


Reply to @catwriter: I am almost sure she will not accept it:((