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Unfortunately "Derp" did not accept your delivery

Don’t you guys hate it when you get a notification and you check and it says : Unfortunately Derp did not accept your delivery…

I mean the buyer might be saying : hey it’s soo great i like it, i just need this small modification…

But reading the notifications it makes you feel like a failure : Hey stupid, he doesn’t like it, you suck, come’on, do your job and deliver something good!

It’s not a big of a deal, but i think it would be better if it’s changed to something like : The buyer asked for modifications (simple and nice)

Even when you check your sales, the orders needing modifications you find a label next to it saying [Rejected], it’s harsh don’t you think !! :smiley:

And hey i’m just sharing my point, and i’m a guy, don’t think that i’m a girl on her period being emotional :smiley:

Yes. It’s a shock-like sensation to open an email and see this. I think it is meant to get your attention. I’ve gotten a few of those when the buyer just wanted to ask me a question and didn’t know how else to do it. It’s like a slap.

It always makes me a little nervous! And I get quite a few “no I don’t want a mod, I just wanted to tell you that you were great”. That or “I HATE YOU.”

One time someone rejected me to tell me how great I was, and I redelivered with gratitude for their praise then got a 1 star review. I got it removed. Probably a finger slip. Either way, it keeps things interesting…

I have never thought about this but now, I believe it’s a reason feel uncomfortable before even read the message to figure out what changes my buyers need.
I always feel like it would be a hassle though most of the time it’s not.

I believe you could compile a book based on your Fiverr experiences. I read every one of your posts about buyers with great interest, lol.

Same here. I think the “Unfortunately” and “Rejected” does not go down well with sellers. It keeps me uncomfortable and eager to see why the order was rejected. Most times the term is more upsetting then the modification requested.

Fiverr seriously need to change it to something more appropriate. A simple “Derp requested a modification” would do.

I agree.

Simple psychology, really. Rejection is a bad feeling, and of course “buyer roulette” exists. Maybe your buyer wants a tiny rechange that they could have done themselves in 1 minute (I’m looking at people who forgot to tell me the new name of their rebranded company here then got angry with me…wtf?), to praise you or to tell you that you are the evil offspring of Satan and can they have their $5 back.

Or even to simply extract maximum value by pretending to ask for a modification but really getting a lot of A/B split tests for free. I’m dealing with one right now. He’s been waiting for a mod for 3 days now. I only have to change one word, but this isn’t the point. I’m mainly trying to figure out how to tell him off and not get a bad review…

Could be an idea for a Kindle bestseller “Why Fiverr Buyers Suck–And How To Beat Them At Their Own Game”

“It all started with a simple inbox request: ‘how many words do I get for $5?’ Sighing, I responded with the terse reply of ‘as stated in my gig description…’ taking care to not write a lot of the uncharitable thoughts rushing through my mind…”

Totally agree with you! No matter how big or small (or not at all) the issue is you always see the notification and think ‘Oh Sh*t!!’!

Yeesssss I hate seeing it. I end up shocked and then sometimes start freaking out like… what did I do wrong?! Are they dissatisfied!!! Angry?! DId I miss something?!!
So far, I’ve just been overreacting. lol

Yeah, it usually isn’t a big deal. Today’s was a great one though.
“I want the modification the translation”
“Sure, what’s the problem?”
“Not make sense, nonsense, cancel or make revision you”
“Can you tell me a couple of the problems?”
“No, you make modifications or cancel”
“I am not going to cancel without a reason”.
“Ok, I make bad review”
“Ok, you do that”
******* posted a review on your order

My first like this in over 120 orders, I’m lucky I guess…

It’s a myth the “request a modification” button reduced negative reviews. I had far fewer negative reviews back in the “thumbs” era when there was no “modification” button. Now we’ve got sellers stating how many modifications they will do - and don’t you think buyers are going to want ALL the modifications they feel they’re entitled to? At what point does this become too much work for $3.92?

I don’t like the phrasing - saying the buyer “rejected” the delivery - but I actually like the feature and I literally tell my buyers at the time of delivery that if they didn’t like their order or they have follow-up questions about the delivery that they SHOULD request a modification. In the past I told buyers to simply update the order, but what I found is that, after delivery has been made, updates made to the order can be very difficult to remember, but when a buyer requests a modification (“refuses” the delivery) it gets bumped back into my order queue and is very easy to handle.

Sounds like your buyer is stuck on stupid.

I think he knew what he was doing but tried it on the wrong seller. I’ll take a negative review rather than let people like that get away with it.

How horrible!

That’s not good, you know you can contact customer support about that, it’s not fair that the buyer leaves a bad review when you where trying to do modifications for him, he made it difficult by not telling you what he needs, i’m sure customer support will remove the bad review

Its happened with me 1 time Its just made me like " What happened " I was like scared But later I found he was just asking a question.So from that experience I got an idea about delivering order in future