Unfortunately, I have violated Fiverr TOS. What can I do now?


Unfortunately, I have violated Fiverr TOS. What can I do now?

please help me.


Just wow. :roll_eyes:


You have to do nothing! Fiverr Trust and safety team will do the rest…


maybe my account will be disable.


maybe not, you will get a warning it will be 1st warning, if you will do the same mistake again then your account will be restricted.


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Thanks for your valuable reply. if your reply will true I will be happy.


Thanks for your valuable reply.


dont worry if you work hard no one can stop you


Thanks . But I am very upset about my mistake.


I would probably email Fiverr TOS and let them know what happen and apologize fast.
I remember I did something on accident a long time ago - I sent Fiverr a quick email and they understood.
It’s better to admit your mistake and apologize then to pretend that what you did was acceptable.


I have to differ with you here. Working hard without following rules can absolutely stop you. However, the OP has a good chance of recovering from here since the account is still active.


Hi! Don’t stress about it. You didn’t mean to cause the offense. If you started listing your gigs here without reading the guidelines and TOS, etc. first, then you could have done better. I usually do all of the reading first before listing at a site. Sometimes I am in a hurry, and do not read first. That is because I have a lot of experience selling online, and I think I can go onto any site and list away pretty easily. Sites are different sometimes, and where I make my mistakes is to bypass reading the listing guidelines before I start selling at a site.

I did some reading here, but not as much as I should have before I added my gigs. I thought we could add as many gigs as we wanted. After I maxed out, I found out that we are restricted to how many we can add at various levels. It was not a problem, but it was a disappointment. I had to rethink my listing schedule, what gigs I was going to share first. I also had to develop a plan to delete gigs and add others, because I also found out that paused gigs do not make space for new gigs. The paused gigs are included in your gig count. Seven gigs is 7 gigs, whether active or paused, and there is no room for more when you are at the beginning level. I had to consider combining gigs that worked better for me being separated. I could have prepared for all of this before listing had I studied the site guidelines like I should have.

Good luck to you!


Thanks for your valuable reply.


Thanks for your valuable reply.