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Unfortunately my sales has been reduced to 0, is there any reason

I have started working here since Nov 2013, Until now i have got a descent income (sales). But from last month my sales has been reduced tremendously. I am doing all kind of promotional works like before, but i don’t know whats the reason for this sales reduction. I haven’t received a single negative feedback until now. Please help fiverr to promote my gigs…

so best but how get SEO

Hey there
This happens to fiverr some times. They change the site also they change the order of the gigs and sellers that show up on top… What you have to do is always check the top gigs that are relative to yours,check the keywords and try changing yours as well. This works fine for me till now :slight_smile:

What most people don’t understand is that we sell our gigs on two different markets:

  1. Fiverr market - and from here come almost all orders (so we have to be concerned by how our gigs are ranking for some popular terms/keywords to get more sales, or by the factors that help our gigs to rank better: rating, delivery time, the age of account, the age of each gig, title, descriptions, keywords, etc, etc);

  2. Internet market - and from here we get very few orders. When a seller says he don’t get sales, then it’s easy to understand that the seller’s gigs are difficult to be found (and ordered) via the Internet. The internet market is the most difficult challenge for any seller to get sales, and from the moment when some sellers find how to get orders from the internet market (outside of Fiverr), then they start to build multiple income sources to get more money…

Send your orders to buyers…through buyer’s request page.

These tips will show you how to increase sales:

edit: oh I see you wrote that yourself!

this may be due to the vacation season is about to start (or started in some countries) due to which less buyers are there in fiverr…yes high rating gig guys still have lots of orders but other sellers will note low sales…this is happening to me right now and the same thing happened last year in December…this is just my personal observation.

Yes dear my problem solved its because last month some of my orders were late to deliver. It might affect our sales according to new fiverr algorithm. Now its solved…

We have to find new SEO tricks to promote our gigs through youtube, fb, tw etc…

The same is happening to me…:frowning:

same here!

My sale is down two, Last 3 month i don’t get order from new buyer


One reason for zero sales may be that you are selling illegal unlicensed animations from VIDEOHIVE.

The Christmas Robots animation you sell on Fiverr was created by the artist Vectorica and licensed through VIDEOHIVE.

The one client, one time use extended license is $84. By selling it on Fiverr for $5 that would mean you are taking a $79 loss on each sale if you were doing this legally.

Last year I got most of these Christmas Robot animation gigs taken down when I reported them to VIDEOHIVE and they took action with Fiverr. I guess I will just start early this year.

Hopefully ENVATO the parent company of VIDEOHIVE will do what AMAZON did this week and sue Fiverr Sellers who are illegally selling their products.


Kindly try this. this will help you a lot…thanks… :slight_smile:

yes you are right.

Maybe because you modified your base price to 50$ users are scared and do not contact you anymore

Thats only 1 gig, but i have so many other gigs starts from $5

What about your stats? Do you have impressions and views? Check that… IF you have impressions and views… then you simple need to change maybe your description to make it more attractive to users

Also check your tags… if you do not have impressions and views

I have checked everything spin tags, description, but no way…