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Unfortunately, we are experiencing issues with our order process. Please try again later – you can use the favorite button to save this Gig

Are you seeing this warning?


yes, I see it… :slight_smile:

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I’m not seeing this message on my gigs or anyone else’s right now, but I’ve experienced countless problems with the order system this week.


  1. Buyer placed an order and wasn’t able to submit the requirements. Ultimately, Support cancelled it because they didn’t have a solution.

  2. Another buyer ordered today and they didn’t see the requirements page at all. The order opened instantly.

These are totally random glitches because all other orders have been coming through just fine, thankfully.

Hopefully they’re fixing it.

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One of my gig used to have two requirement boxes and the buyer complained he wasn’t able to fill in the second one. That’s why today I only have one requirement.

Fiverr can be buggy. Is It Down Right Now gives it 3.1 stars.


Is It Down Right Now is buggy.

That message should advise buyers to contact the seller and ask for a custom order if they have any problems.