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Unfortunatly I an not getting any order

how can i get my first order ? can anybody suggest ?

this is not easy to sell gig’s in fiverr. i am trying for 2 month .i recommend you add more gig for fiverr impression gain higher.

can anybody tell me how i can get the first order ?

Reply to @jshekhsheikh: First of all, do not copy anyone else’s gig description. That’s not cool.

I suggest you remove it completely and write your own one.

Even though its not your description, I love how it mentions “copyscape passed” within it.

Okay, assuming you did not copy the description. The reason why people are not buying from you is because of your English. Your gig video is the first thing which would come up and it appears as “I am exclusivly on Fiverr”. Already, a spelling mistake. Then at 0:24, “Intractive”. If you going to offer a 500 word article it needs to be in good English and understandable. People are looking for quality and unfortunately you do not have that because you copied someone else description and your English is poor.

Getting someone else to correct your video will not help as the mistakes you made in the video (and the description) will reflect in the work. People will not like it.