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Unfortunatly my profile picture is changed!


Hi !
I am Surajit Singha.
I am new in here about 7 month.
I change my profile picture after a week ago. But today i am got strange upon change my profile picture used a female picture. But on the top bar user icon is not changed. I don’t change my profile picture for a week even i don’t know her. I am scare for this. How this is possible. I am living alone. Anyone don’t touch my computer and mobile also. So, this is much scareable for me.
See in screenshot :

Please help me anyone. Is my ID got hack ? Is my ID handled by another ?
What can i do ?
What my ID band by Fiverr author ??? :frowning:


Hello, there is another thread here about this problem and many people are having this happen. It is one of those mysterious bugs in the system and is not an indication you were hacked. This will be fixed soon.


Thanks for reply.
Ya !
It’s happend again for another profile. How funny.


Bugs gone crazy. They even change profile pictures? Not cool.


Hey man!
this looks very weird to me. Instead of hoping negative thoughts in mind
like account hack or anything other, You should contact to Fiverr Custom
Support. I think this is a systematic bug.


Amazing , @shahzadrehman Right :hushed:
this is a systematic bug.


Needn’t be worry about. It’s happened to a lot of seller’s ID. But that doesn’t denote your ID’s disability or Hacked, ok? Wait, it will be all right soon.


same problem here…showing random profile picture on my profile