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Unfortuneately: "You get what you pay for..." :(

I started a logo design very professional brief (I have 20 years experience in strategic marketing client and agency side) with the seller “actual reviewnet” (3 logos) I paid extra for further revisions and extra for speed. It was a painful experience. the first 2 sets of logos he sent were completely off brief. and I think quite late.

Then he sent one which was on brief but had negative connotations and that needed mods and was overall not very impactful. To help him I loosened the brief to accept symbols I previously wanted excluded as they were too common. He was really struggling with concepts / the strategic dimension of the logo. So I gave him about 20 examples to explain how to turn a logo “clever”. I also offered a doodle concept for one of the logos he could provide and loosened the brief further. While giving him some feedback that he was not doing too well for now and that I was sure we could get there. He then simply requested to cancel the job and made me lose close to 2 weeks and a lot of work. Then, because I accepted, having lost enough time, it seems that Fiverr won’t let me give him a rating, getting this improvised designer carrying on wasting client’s time. which is not really good process and helping, is it?

the Fiverr concept is good, but the issue is that there needs to be a degree of selection at the door, OR a better rating process. because otherwise its going to fall flat on his face for repeat purchase.

I won’t be using fiver again for design work that requires actually delivering against the brief. throwing some randomised vector logos is not being a logo designer. I’ll give a try to 99 designs. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll go to a proper agency. I’ll probably use fiver for some less strategic work though, such as creative illustration etc …

Sorry to hear about your bad experience! There are some great sellers on Fiverr, too bad you didn’t find one to match your needs.

You are correct, you can’t leave feedback after the mutual cancellation. The choice you have is to either get a refund of your money (in the form of Fiverr credit), or to leave feedback. You can’t do both.

You may wish to leave the seller’s name out of your post. It is against the forum rules to name and shame other users, be they sellers or buyers.

I understand your view. But the story has two sides. I have a very good logo design gig. The designer has over 30 years experience. In the last 4 month, I have created so many designs, 3-5 per 5$. It used to be that when somebody ordered a logo design, they looked at the concepts, we made corrections and then they bought the rights to own it. Now, I get an order and clearly, the same person buys from so many other sellers at the same, they don’t give you feedback or even a chance to work with them. A lot of designers are discouraged because of this. May be your designer had bad experience or you just had picked the wrong designer. I am very sorry for your time lost, I know how distressing this can be. I just wanted to present you a different site.

I am also discouraged to the point that I think, I will take out my logo design gig.

I just looked up the seller and the gig… 757 orders in queue.

Maybe find someone who doesn’t have to finish 750+ logos in 19 days?

I know there are sellers here that claim to be “professional designers” and claim to know how to design a logo, but truth is they don’t even have basic knowledge of using photoshop or illustrator…

It is wrong to lie about a degree or that you know how to do something when in reality you know it’s only gonna result in negative experiences for both you and the customer, this is coming from a person who ACTUALLY HAS a degree in Graphic Design and Web Development and I know what I’m doing… this is also why I haven’t stated it in my profile bio: “I have a degree in graphic design” … it’s become a cliche on fiverr, no one will believe that, therefor I prefer to prove that I know what I’m doing rather than state it in my bio and have someone throw it in my face when they’re not happy with the result.


Some people are never satisfied, and quite frankly I think “Fiverr” is the wrong place to look for a logo design… given it’s reputation and the experiences people have had here - with logo designs specifically.

If you own a serious company or are a serious business individual who wants to be taken seriously as well, you’d go to 99Designs or Freelancer and hire someone reputable to design a logo for you.

Sure, you do need to pay more for it, but you’ll end up with a professional logo that represents your business and yourself and not something that was put together in 10 minutes with clipart and basic fonts… and you’ll most likely save a lot of time as well…

Sorry for the long post, I hope I got my point across