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Unfriendly behavior from a client


Hi There!
I am go_robbani . I am from Bangladesh. I wanted to start my carrier as a web developer and thats why i was preparing myself from last 1 year . Now i have confidence and i have opened an account in fiverr 5 days ago. I tried to make good quality gig. I have a dream with fiverr.

Last 3 days ago a client knocked me to do a work . I checked his details and i was sure i can do that. We had a lot of chat and i saw that task was a $300 usd at least but he offered me 30 usd. Then i told him that the budget for this kind of work is very low. You have to raise your budget. Then he started to threaten me. And he send me a screenshot of a complain against me and he told me that he is going to send this report to fiverr if i don’t work with him. Still he didn’t ordered my gig, he provided me nothing. He wants me to start the project without any order and without any hosting or anything else. I was scared and i am still scared for this kind of behavior.

i am a starter and what should i do for this kind of a situation.

Any advice will be helpful.



Send him a link to the Terms off Service and politely tell him you are not able to work on his project. Then you can block him from messaging you again.

Send screenshots of the threats in a Support ticket so Support can see the violations. Stay polite and professional no matter what rude people say, but don’t engage with them further.


Thanks a lot @fonthaunt . I appreciate your answer.


“Unfriendly” is the most diplomatic way to put it. :slight_smile:

But yes, block/report. Just remember to be polite when declining to work with them. These people are just waiting for you to snap so they can report you for being rude.


Thanks a lot @lenasemenkova . I appreciate it.


Just stay polite, and fiverr will not penalize you.
This is normal in Fiverr. Everyone face these kinds of clients often. You have to learn to say no to clients.

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Same here, some buyers are just trying to manipulate you to get 5* service for a peanut. Had this one buyer insist of getting $270 service while paying $150 only. Not to mention how she texts me 24/7 and want another $45 for nothing. Told her she can get her money back while keeping the service for herself then block her straightaway. She then email me personally and threaten to report me on every platform she can find me. I blocked her again, problem solved


How did she email you? You shared your email with her!!


She adds me as a user in her google ads account via my gmail address (the one that I setup for fiverr related work) so I can optimize her google ads campaigns ffs.