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Unfurling doesn't work


want to report a bug or maybe something which is not very well done.

Unfurling gives this as response:

Access to This Page Has Been Blocked

The XenForo developer’s response to it (he gives a direction what the problem is):


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I should probably add some more information.

It’s worth noting that Facebook, Twitter and Slack can all “unfurl” the Fiverr URL without issue, so I assume they must be whitelisted.

The user agent we make requests with is:

XenForo/2.x (

(The URL in brackets will change depending on the origin)

While I respect the reasons for preventing automated access in this way, it wouldn’t be so bad with two small changes:

  1. Return an error response instead of 200
  2. Change the <title> tag of the page to simply “Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur” like your default page, then at least we’d pick that up rather than implying the link to your site is blocked for some reason.

Hope that helps.


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