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Unhandled expectations for $5 from buyer on Fiverr

You can’t imagine expectations for $5 on Fiverr. I have seen many Buyer Requests which demand the sellers too much or unlimited services for 5 bucks. And the odd thing is that they do find some sellers who are willing to offer their unlimited services for such low price.

Today, I came across with a request which requires 24 hour services for only 5 bucks…

I would love someone roast on it.


It’s sad how many people are willing to degrade themselves for this low-paying work. I, too, note how many offers these unjust requests receive.

I really wish Fiverr didn’t allow buyers to seek exploitation in this way. There should be some moderation. Yes, sellers should take responsibility and choose not to pursue such things, but buyers shouldn’t be allowed to try to exploit people, either.


Lowering the price is a bad strategy for business. Lower price lead to poor quality. I don’t think, they can get any quality work, ultimately cleaning surface to close the business .

I’ve got one for you… Every day I see the same buyer’s request being made for 30 articles with words up to 1,000. The buyer’s budget for the entire project? $55! I don’t even want to fathom a guess how much money that it is per word. The requirement is also that up to 4,000 words a day would need to be done (four articles). And, of course, if good work is done, then there is a possibility of long-term project collaborations.

Worst of all, 21 offers have been sent! I kind of wish Fiverr would banned this prospective buyer. Each day, I see this offer and each day, there are tons of offers sent on it. Crazy!


What is really crazy for me that someone is sending offers for that. There are always will be cheapos who’s trying to get a lot of work for peanuts.

Quite often I’m contacted with buyers from countries with lower income asking me to make work that costs 120$ on my gig for 5$ giving an argument that it’s the market price in their country.

But I don’t see why some one will even reply on those requests from buyers. You need to have a very low self value to do that. Or are they hoping to get more money from them as soon as buyer will choose them?


I wish they’d be banned, too. That’s an outrageous request.

That’s why I use the three price point system to help me make clear that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
For example, if you want a wordpress website for $5 or $10 dollars, yes that is possible, but you will get a generic wordpress installation and you will have to pay for hosting. And then you have two price tiers available to make a serious offer.
Does it work on Fiverr, no idea, just new here on the platform. But in real life it works. When I sit down with clients I tell them they can choose 2 things out of three options: cheap, fast or good. If it needs to be fast and good, it can’t be cheap, if it needs to be cheap and fast, it can’t be good. If it needs to be cheap and good, it can’t be fast (you end up on the bottom of my to-do list).


It’s not that much work if you deliver plagiarized content. :smile_cat:


@mariashtelle1 These sellers are strictly following principles of economics i.e. Lower Prices Lead to More Sales. The quality sellers are being replaced by them.

@tvandenbrande Welcome to Forum Community.

Every one of us. At least has one or more gigs with $5 starter package and that is no more a bite of hot chocolate. It never means the buyer can expect full services for 5 bucks. The main reason is the annoying slogan “everything for $5”.

@emeraldawnn @humanissocial As far as moderation is concerned from Fiverr side, there is no planning for such implementation because it requires a lot of development. I remember the feature to maintain a rating profile on buyer side too, was requested a long time a ago but made available recently.

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Ho ho as we are talking about market: quality sellers will never be replaced with cheap low quality and copy paste work.
You can not imagine how many people I have coming to me after having terrible experience with 5$ gigs and asking me to fix it. They bought cheap gig, understood the quality and came back to me now paying for quality work.

There always will be more people wanting to pay only 5$ and be satisfied with 5$ quality but there are still a lot of buyers who need quality work.
People coming to me for my style not for my price.

By the way this is not principles of economics


For buyers, Fiverr is heaven, I think. There are a lot of people who are willing to do that at low prices from developing country or who want to get more reviews from them.

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:smile: This is according to their own principles of economics. :smile:

This isn’t true at all

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But it is true for those low price sellers, we have been talking so far. Lol

It isn’t true on Fiverr either. You have no comprehensive data that says that the sellers you’re referring to sell more because their prices are low because that data isn’t collected. You’re cherry picking observations and then extrapolating it to generalize.

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I guess the majority of the offers may be from people who are just starting off on fiverr and have no reviews as yet and see it as a way to just build reviews for now

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In most cases, it is. It especially matters on the product in question as well

You can’t corroborate that for the reasons I mentioned.

Like i said, it matters on the product in question.

You can’t corroborate that either.

There is no way to collect the data you would need to come to that conclusion.